Dapo takes down $100+9 on Pokerstars

November 9, 2007

Dapo Fadeyi, a founding member of Team PROP, took down a $100+9 buyin on Pokerstars last night, under the alias greygoose8.  He outlasted 300 players to take home the $8250 first place prize.  Listen to Dapo breakdown his thought process throughout this event:

“Well going into the tourney my strategy was just to be patient early and try to pick up a few hands and generally if I can get away with a few bluffs early things generally go well for me. Things went to plan as I picked up some big pairs early and won a lot of small uncontested pots. I was one of the chip leaders the entire tourney. A major hand for me was … Read the rest of this entry »


Dapo Out – 10 hands into day 4

July 14, 2007

Congrats go out to Dapo on making the money, busting 324th, for approx $40k, his second 2007 WSOP cash.  He found himself quite card dead for two days, and did well to last as long as he did.


In other news, Matt is pissed he didn’t get a piece of Dmikkal…two weeks prior to main event 1% was going for $120, and now this crazy european is first in chips @ the main event.  Although Read the rest of this entry »

Dapo movin on to day 3

July 11, 2007

Watch out world, this kid can play…

Dapo used fearless agression to triple his day 1 stack, finishing day 2a with 313k. He is in excellent shape moving into day 3 in the top 100 in chips.

The key hand for the day found Dapo, at this time average in chips around 120k, in the cutoff with an agressive well known norwegian behind him on the button. With a flop of 635 and two clubs, the norwegian led out. dapo re-raised allin putting his tourney life on the line with A8 clubs, after agonizing the norwegian called to show two red jacks. turn was a blank, but the river was a club and Dapo stacked the guy. WOW. Exciting…

   The guy on his left isn’t too happy he’s about to get stacked…

Dapo in 12th for day 1b

July 8, 2007

Thanks in part to a semi-bluff on the turn that materialized into a st8 flush, Dapo is currently sitting in 12th place going into the final level for day 1b with 110k in chips.


GL DAPO! PROP is in the building…

WSOP Event 3 – Dapo goin deep – sick final hand

June 4, 2007

Yo, congrats goes out to Dapo Fadeyi for making it through over 2000 players in the 3rd event of the 2007 WSOP.  He finished 27th…the win is just around the corner.

Read about his sick final hand on cardplayer:

Paul Evans drew a seat next to Dapo Fadeyi from Denver, Colorado and they soon tangled in the biggest pot of the tournament.  Evans raised to $40,000 from middle position and Fadeyi made the call.  The flop came K97, Evans bet $40,000 and Fadeyi called.  The turn was the 10, Evans bet $100,000 and Fadeyi moved all in for $199,000 more.  Evans tanked for less then a minute then said, “I have pot odds.”  He made the call with AQ and Fadeyi tabled 99.  The river was the 8, giving Evans the nut flush and sending a devastated Fadeyi home.  That put Evans around $900,000, far ahead of the rest of the field.