High Stakes Poker

October 30, 2007

Many of you know of High Stakes Poker, airing on the Game Show Network (GSN)…well it sucks if you don’t have that channel, and don’t want to subscribe to the network because that is the only show worth watching…well an online site has conveniently catalogued the shows for us, enjoy:


Keep it a game.

October 29, 2007

So you’ve read all the books, studied the games of the pros and rising stars, think you got this poker thing all figured out?

Now you find yourself grinding away at a .25/.50 table(s) trying to build your roll, because you know all about bankroll management, and you aren’t going busto like so many before you.

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North American Poker Championship

October 28, 2007

This tourney is a special one for us, being close to where our founder grew up.  Niagara Falls, CA is considered one of the great wonders of the world, and really worth checking out if you’ve never been there.  It’s crazy to think hundreds of people have gone over the falls in barrels….

Anyways, they are also playing a poker tournament there.  Jon Little ended Day 1A with the chip lead.  Many notables are doing well.

You can follow all the action @ http://www.worldpokertour.com/tournament/

Tilt Control

October 27, 2007

Tilting, or losing your mind, at a poker table can be a destructive force to your bankroll.  You need to recognize a few things about…
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Blow up a Game

October 24, 2007

Sometimes it can be fun to completely blow up a poker game.  Team player Will Lin is an expert at this strategy, and it was fun to watch him play in Vegas this week.

Now, to set the stage: Will is a big game cash player with a few nice tournament results as well, so he has a bankroll to support this high variance strategy…but sometimes he wants to blow off a little steam by doing something similiar to the following:

Imagine you normally play 25/50NL (or higher), where a standard open raise is $200.  If you drop down to the 1/2 NL game, where the normal buyin is $200-300, and the standard open is $10 you can create some interesting dynamics and truly be the ‘table captain’ by continuing to play above the game.  What does that mean exactly? 
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Poker Bowl Update

October 22, 2007

Just a quick update…Will got switched to team Oakland with Paul Wasicka…currently the first qualifying region round. Will and Paul are on the same table, which is pretty sick. brandon adams, jordan morgan, van alstyne, alex jacobs… Will is short stacked after a tough decision vs. James Van Alstyne. Paul entered the first break with the chip lead at the table.

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One reason not to play @ Absolute Poker?

October 17, 2007

Absolute Poker is currently in the midst of a PR nightmare, and perhaps a bigger concern for the online poker community in general.

Apparently, there has been evidence of ‘super accounts’ on the site – capable of seeing everyone’s hole cards, ip addresses, names, etc.  These accounts won a lot of money and then proceeded to ‘dump’ it in 200/400 NL games, to a newly created account, that cashed out right away.

You can read more about it on Pocketfives or Two Plus Two poker forums.

It’s a scary thought, and certainly something to be concerned with while playing online.  Thankfully, we’re all addicted and can’t stop playing, so we don’t have to worry too much!  GG me.