Dapo Out – 10 hands into day 4

Congrats go out to Dapo on making the money, busting 324th, for approx $40k, his second 2007 WSOP cash.  He found himself quite card dead for two days, and did well to last as long as he did.


In other news, Matt is pissed he didn’t get a piece of Dmikkal…two weeks prior to main event 1% was going for $120, and now this crazy european is first in chips @ the main event.  Although there is still a long way to go, you’d definitely like to have a stake on that horse as he has a great shot.  Oh and fyi, 1% is worth 80k should he take it down…

Scotty Nguyen is having a great ME, getting doubled up at a featured table with AK vs. J5o has now moved his chips in excess of 2mil…that’s right babee!

The cash games are starting to die down at the Rio as the room begins to look like what it normally is, a big empty conference room.  I think it would be cool if they made the final few tables (maybe final four or six) all featured tables with stands, tv monitors on the action, and announcers.  I think it would improve the overall audience experience.  IMHO. 


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