Robot Dance

May 29, 2008

The kid in red kills it! (thanks dave)

Fly Virgin

May 28, 2008

Virgin might be the coolest airline ever.  Here’s an email I just got regarding a flight to Vegas I have coming up:

Dear Matt 

Exciting news! Virgin America is kicking off SuperFly Wednesdays, a happy hour in the sky that will get you over the mid-week hump. Network and socialize over complimentary cocktails or strike up a chat room conversation.

If you’ve got all the friends you need and just want to kick back and relax, no problem. The happy hour will be in the back of the plane and the rest of the flight will be business as usual.

We’re sending this to you because you’re on a flight that’s designated for this fun program.  If you’d rather make alternative plans, you can always change your flight with no additional charge.  For assistance with your reservation just call 1-877-FLY-VIRGIN.

We hope you’ll join us and stir things up on Wednesdays.

See you onboard.
The Guest Services Team

Poker vs. Stocks

May 27, 2008

While I spent most of the day getting the typical tournament teases – going deep to make minimal cashes and nothing going right during the late levels – I also caught up on some tv via Hulu.

For those who have not tried this site out yet I would highly recommend it.  The site is designed well, the actual media player is easy to use, the content is high quality and loads/streams fast.  So I was checking out some of the newer shows on the Mojo network, home to Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak’s “I bet you” among other things.  Shows I was watching:

Bobby G: The Adventure Capitalist – cool show about an ultra-rich, highly animated, venture capitalist.  He owns some moturary type business, the beverage company Clearly Canadian, along with some other investments.  I like his style, he’s calm, cool and collected and reminds me of a boss I once had.

Start-up Junkies – About a new seattle based startup called Earth Class Mail.  This company takes your regular snail mail and digitizes it for you.  Big potential globally.  Interesting to watch the fund raising stress as well as the growing pains of a small organization.

Wall Street Warriors – follows a bunch of different people around Wall St.  Watch some boy genius operate a hedge fund out of his apartment, follow some rookies as they learn what day trading is all about, tag along on the high brow exploits of some 28 y/o private equity fund manager as he helicopters between Manhattan and the Hamptons.  It’s interesting stuff.  But it brings me to the point of this whole blog.

Why is Wall St. more legitimate than Poker? It seems strange to me that if I had a job where I analyzed numbers/charts/financial data/industry news and made ‘educated guesses’ as to the next move that would be held in higher regard than a virtually identical situation using cards and chips.  In the stock market, when one guy wins, another guy is losing.  Going against the common grain of knowledge/behavior is highly risky but potentially incredibly lucrative.  There is greed.  People go on ’tilt’ and start gambling as they chase losses.  The symmetry between the two industries is remarkable.  Morgan Stanley and all the other big firms are essentially the online poker rooms, collecting the rake.

I guess sometimes things in life can seem a little hypocritical.

International Flare

May 25, 2008

As if anyone needed any more evidence as to the international growth of poker, take a look at the Top 10 regions in the world that are searching for Poker in the past 30 days, according to Google Trends:

1. Romania       2. Hungary   3. France   4. Ireland   5. Austria   6. Netherlands   7. Belgium   8. Portugal   9. Switzerland   10. Canada  

Notice anything missing?  USA no where to be found.

David Singer Wins $25k HU on Fulltilt

May 25, 2008

Congrats to David Singer – a gentleman and a scholar of the poker community.  He’s having a nice run, winning a cool $1M in the Caesars last October, finished 2nd in the 2007 Vegas Open for $200k, and now $560k from the Heads Up $25k event that went down over the weekend on Tilt.

Some other notables from that event: Patrik Antonius (finddagrind) finished 5th, Cardrunners notable Brian Hastings finished 3rd, Gus Hansen finished second to last in 65th, Steve Sung and Taylor Caby finished in the middle of the pack.

It was a cool event, lets hope the Tilt decides to do more of them…

GG all.

Cole (CTS) South – $550k in play

May 21, 2008

Cole South, instructor over at Cardrunners – currently has over $500k in play on FullTilt across a few tables’.

Now can someone say Bankroll Management?  Generally, playing high variance games like HU and PLO you’d want 30buyin ish range, so he’s looking at needing in the neighborhood of $16mil liquid….I know this kid is a baller and has done quite well…but lets say he’s made – oh I dunno $4mil online to date (which has to be on the high side in my rather uneducated opinion).  He’s still using a stupid high % of his bankroll.  

Gambooooool it up Cole.  We love you just like TC.

Poker Bots – Friend or Foe?

May 21, 2008


Here’s an interesting ‘tell all’ story about poker bots in action.  Personally, I’m still on the fence, as I feel most poker bots play abc style ‘robotic’ poker that all low limit donks play – and while these bots may spew chips slightly less than a real human, they are not so advanced to be thinking along multiple lines – therefore, these bots would be no tougher to play against than your regular micro-stakes donk.  Maybe I’m just naive, or hopeful, or interestingly enough overconfident (like most poker players).