Durrrr Challenge Update – 1/4 finished

April 16, 2009

Approximately 25% of the way through the first Durrrr Challenge vs. Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan finds himself trailing by a neglible margin.  Through 12,114 hands he’s down $87k. 

What does all this tell us?  It appears they are coin flipping for a million bucks.  Durrrr and Antonius are clearly ‘about’ the same skill level, the swings are huge, and at the end of 50k hands, a -$1.00 will result in Durrrr losing an additional $1.5M.  Sick bastards.

Results currently being tracked by Highstakesdb:



High Stakes Poker Results, Variance and Swings, Superuser?

August 15, 2008

To try something a little different, and hopefully provide value to all you aspiring high stakes gamblers I decided to take a look at the high stakes poker results of the biggest games around to see if there were any trends we could learn something from.

First I took the results published by highstakesdb.com – which provides the top 50 and bottom 50 winners and losers for each month. The results are from 1/1/07 thru 7/31/08, including Omaha and Holdem on Ladbrokes/Prima/Fulltilt networks. High stakes horse is also included in the 7/08 monthly results.

I compiled all these monthly reports into a single spreadsheet workbook in Excel, and then combined the months to provide a data set of 19 months of the high stakes poker world. My initial theory was that the biggest high stakes players have the biggest swings but I wanted to visually see the difference between, if they are constantly playing the biggest games, or game selecting and ‘taking shots’…

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Ivey v. Antonius – 804k Pot

August 4, 2008

Merry Xmas Mr. Ivey:

Doyle Brunson vs. Patrik Antonius

April 15, 2008

So amongst the rumor mill is an outstanding challenge that Patrik Antonius has posed to Doyle Brunson.  7-10 games, at 7 figure stakes, and Doyle gets to pick the games.  Yikes.  Apparently, the drama spawned from a quote taken out of context from Doyle that he’d swim a river to play any of the internet players.  Patrik can certainly play in both arenas, and Doyle has acknowledged as much.

Patrik is a monster playing NL HU and PLO, but ANY game?  I dunno, Doyle is a legend that probably invented half the card games out there – I think he’s got the edge here. 

This is Doyles take (from his blog):

I think he made a mistake when he said, “I’ll play him any game for any amount.” I’ve got 7-10 different games, all of which I’ve played in Las Vegas casinos for high stakes, that I’m willing to commit to for at least a seven figure match. There will be no animosity between us; we are both pros who love a good gamble. It will be interesting if he accepts and I’m sure we will both have a great time playing.

Here’s what some of the other pro’s think:


Why doesn’t some producer get all over this – sounds like a pay-per-view event to me.