Phil Ivey Broke?

Say it aint so….maybe his wife is controlling his finances…from the Chat Box on Full Tilt as of 2/11 (note: this except was jacked from PokerRoad)

trex313: hey
trex313: i’m at your big boy table
trex313: if you wanted to play higher
Phil Ivey: im broke right now. this is the whole load
trex313: oh
Phil Ivey: cant get in touch with anyone
trex313: you want to crossbook double?
trex313: or you want to just play this
Phil Ivey: call me
trex313: i don’t know your phone number
Phil Ivey: get it from someone
trex313: who knows your number?
Phil Ivey: u have erick lindgrens number
trex313: lemme see if mike’s on
Phil Ivey: zigmund
Phil Ivey: patrick
trex313: matasow
trex313: matasow’s not answering
trex313: howa bout i xferr you the money
trex313: on here
trex313: since you have more credit than me
trex313: since everyone knows you
Phil Ivey: ok i will send it back to u tommorow if i
lose and if i win i will send it to u tonight
trex313: okay
trex313: how much
Phil Ivey: ante up for now
Phil Ivey: 200000
trex313: are we crossboking?
Phil Ivey: u know how it works?
trex313: no tell me
trex313: or should we just wait til you get the 200
trex313: then just play it straight up
Phil Ivey: lets jus play 5 and 10 until u get my
number and then we can discuss how it works and
play really high
trex313: 5 and 10?
trex313: here?
Phil Ivey: yeah

so he isn’t broke, just has to deal with transferring money on/off like the rest of us donkeys…


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