All Strategy – Pokerroad Review

August 27, 2008

Sometimes I get sick of writing about pokerroad. But the fact is, they produce some of the best content in the poker-sphere. If you don’t know by now, check em out.

Their newest show is ‘All Strategy’ with Daniel Negreanu, Justin Bonomo, and Scott Huff.

Start at the bottom – Scott Huf – he’s entertaining and keeps things moving along.

Bonomo – he is MUCH better than the ‘calling station’ show he produced on Cardplayer. That show made my ears hurt, and there was a video feed to make it more awkward and boring. I think he’s better on PR because he doesn’t have to carry the entertainment value, he can just get geeky on em. His personality is kind of bland, but he seems to get a little more lively with some other personalities to key in on.

Negreanu – obviously one of the best minds in poker, and also one of the few who can truly verbalize his thoughts.

The show – overall very informative. If you like poker strategy talk then the ‘All Strategy’ show is going to be entertaining for you.

This Episode – a great dialogue on short stacking tournament play. Bonomo said “…often players use being on the short stack as an excuse to play poorly.” They proceed to discuss the benefits of logically thinking about your stack size, along with the other players at your table stack sizes. Even when you are desperate, there can be good and bad opportunities to try and double up or pick up the blinds/antes. I also liked the ‘coin-flipping’ discussion – if you are better than the average player at the table, then you can think twice about getting in those ‘average’ spots, and look for better spots to accumulate chips (with made hands, safe boards, etc.)



Zeejustin Cheating

August 13, 2008

Here’s the deal folks – I’ve had a few people of late email and ask me what happened with Justin Bonomo and why he was called out for cheating on ESPNs broadcast of his $5k Mixed Event Final Table.

Basically, when the kid was under 21 he was crushing the party poker games, and building a little name for himself. Then a mild scandal occured where he was caught multi-accounting a big multi table tournament (MTT) on party which he ended up winning. His six figure winnings were confiscated by the site, and returned to the prize pool for distribution amongst the others who cashed. I believe his stars account was also shut down for multi-accounting.

Now, he took a lot of heat from the online community especially in the forums. He issued a public apology on his website, addressed issued on the forums, and overall accepted responsibility for his actions.

To me, this level of ‘cheating’ was infinitely milder than some of the recent scandals with UB and Absolute – in which MILLIONS of dollars were stolen out of the poker community. His multi-accounting thing was ethically wrong, but maybe doubled his edge in the thousand player fields to 5-7%…I’m not that good with ICM but someone could tell you its not a huge monetary scam in the poker community. It was just more convenient to witch hunt someone like Bonomo because you could easily place a face with the blame. Especially because he was young and successful.

With the new stuff, it’s harder to pinpoint the exact culprits as multiple people may have been involved, different parent corporations, etc.

It was a low blow from Norman Chad, an off hand remark, taken out of context, and presented to uninformed viewers on national tv. Enough with zeejustin – what about Ultimate Bet???

The Scoop – Cardplayer TV

August 13, 2008

Will someone please explain to ‘Diego’ how to conduct a proper interview. Good God. His questions are awful. Run-on sentences. Using opinion and statements as the question. Talking more than the person he is interviewing…SHUT UP and let the guest talk. He really is painful to listen to. Watch the most recent interview with Justin ‘zeejustin’ Bonomo. It’s ridiculous. Bonomo is smart, and has good things to say…this Diego character is a joke.

I think he just gets nervous or something, but just starts rambling. Do yourself a favor, skip this show, and listen to pokerroad.

Diego reminds me of:

Durrr amongst the Chip Leaders @ Foxwoods…Freddy Deeb and Zeejustin are aswell.

November 9, 2007

He is known more for his cash game skills than his tournament prowess, but that doesn’t mean that online phenom Tom “durrrr” Dwan can’t build a chip stack. On day 1b of the World Poker Finals, Dwan jumped out to an early chip lead after doubling up with a straight flush and spent the rest of the day terrorizing his table and increasing his stack. Read the rest of this entry »