Karma’s a Bitch – Tiffany Michelle Loses the Hot Chips

It would have been an interesting story to see a reasonably attractive girl make the final nine.  Especially in light of the final table delay, in which Harrah’s/ESPN are bound to create a reality show story build up of the event.  She’d be a little easier on the eyes than say….Dennis Phillips.

Interestingly enough, her ego and some poker karma seems to be at work in her eventual demise.  For those of you who don’t know.  Tiffany Michelle is/was a poker journalist for Pokernews.  A great site, run by the infamous Tony G.  Well, Tony is a good guy, and put a bunch of folks in the Main Event to help them out, and publicize his site at the same time.  Tiffany was one of those people.  She was to play for 33%, on a complete freeroll, in exchange for promoting Pokernews.  Oddly, most pictures you see of her have her littered with Ultimate Bet patches.  She was rocking one Pokernews patch…

To be fair, as accustom in the WSOP – the patches/deals grow proportionally to how deep you are in the event.  In addition, Tiffany isn’t the first one to either add to their sponor list, or jump ship all together. This is a shady process that goes down when you make deals on napkins and throw money at broke poker players.  It makes sense from a supply and demand perspective, because there is less real estate, and more guaranteed coverage of individual players. It’s worth noting she does get a little extra attention on this issue because she is a voice (online video hostess) in the poker industry, and a female in a sea of males.

However, where the ego/karma bit comes in for her is in communicating with her sponsor.  First off, it is only fair you give your main sponsor a call/text/email to inform them of your intentions.  A well connected guy like Tony G could in fact help you along on your mission to acquire sponsorship dollars (most likely from his own main site sponsor, Poker Stars).  But do you do that?   Na.  Just slap a few shady ass Ultimate Bet patches on like you’re a slave to collusion, cheating, super users, and Russ ‘I’d steal money from my own mother’ Hamiliton.  

Fuck that.  If I was Tony G, I’d pimp slap you across the face for being a shady, money/fame hungry, female dog.  Now, she did have a Pokernews patch on at all times, and when interviewed on Pokernews she covered up one of her UB patches on her chest…but come on.  Show respect for the people that put you in the position in the first place.  It seems we can be quick to forget where we were before we got into the limelight and started playing for $9M.

This little incident reminds me of the Poker Bowl last year – a team event, where Will was playing on the Bluff Magazine Team alongside Paul Wasicka and others.  They had team jersey’s (Oakland) but Will was going to wear a PROP patch to support the brand.  The fine folks at Bluff informed him that wasn’t possible as they were all going to wear Bluff patches….Will reluctantly agreed.  Paul Wasicka, well he didn’t cuz he’s got an exclusive deal with Full Tilt, so he was permitted to wear a different patch.  Lesson learned – big companies in the industry can do whatever they want.  Small ones – f.ck you.

Whatever, either way.  I’m sure Tiffany is a nice enough person, but I have never met her so it’s just a guess.  It was probably poor judgement, caught up in the moment type stuff.  She was playing for $9M.  And that kind of money can make anyone do silly things.  Minor beat for Pokernews.  A win for a shady cheating bastard site, Ultimate Bet.  

Final Thought: Why the hell would you promote UB unless you have to like Phil Hellmuth??  


10 Responses to Karma’s a Bitch – Tiffany Michelle Loses the Hot Chips

  1. Poker Guy says:

    Tiffany Michelle is a lucky, no talent hack. And, her horrible complexion is barely covered by the inch of makeup. Without being such a card rack, that girl is DED.

  2. harkin says:

    Nothing she can do about her complexion but actively rooting AGAINST other females, showing no class on hands she wasn’t even involved in, eating greasy food with her hands at the table, and just being a jerk in general……..

    Goes to show that looks have nothing to do with class.

  3. jackburton says:

    wow what a rhymes-with-witch-starts-with-b of a woman. totally devoid of class and as norm-what’s-his-name constantly says of her, totally and so satisfied with herself it was sickening. and yeah the active rooting to be the only woman on the table was completely classless.

  4. Rosco says:

    There are obnoxious players like Phil. And simply excited players who come across as rude – but this player was just a plain ass.

    Ultimate Bet and whomever else she was touting have a bad feeling in my gut and have a long way to go to make me even visit their site.

    Calling “time” on a 12 million dollar hand. NO other “jerk” would do something like that. Have a bit of sense about the game and not just there out of sheer / blind luck.

    I’ll root against her when she makes another final table… maybe her Dermatologist has a home game that’ll happen in…

  5. propclothing says:

    Rosco – totally agree – UB has created a somewhat shady list of characters to match their highly shady operation. Perhaps they are going for the ‘bad boys’ marketing niche. I play on UB on a rare moon for the sunday 200k guarantee – here’s what I know what the site: I don’t trust it, I hate the software, the players generally seem to be awful, and its one of the most winnable ‘sunday major’ events online. That said – I have not won it, lol, and everytime I play there I get a dirty feeling all over.

  6. From the few blogs I’ve read it’s pretty apparent that someone on this site has something against me or is very anti Tiffany. It’s sad for me to read things like this especially when the authors have never spent a minute with me in person or ever even taken a moment to discuss this with ME. I’d be happy at any point to tell my side of the story and the truth of what happened to anyone who is interested in hearing it since it’s hard to be objective when you’re only fed one side of the story 🙂

  7. propclothing says:

    Tiffany –

    I’d argue that the post is relatively objective, and tries to give you a few points/concessions for some of the things working against you in this publicity ordeal…

    In reviewing the post, there is perhaps one sentence that was too harsh – in which a face slapping was mentioned, and that was merely a poor attempt at a joke. I believe some of the animosity in the post is the result of the UB scandal – which at the time of the entry – was still a relatively fresh wound for the online community.

    You are correct that I did not contact you for your side of the story, and I will contact you shortly to get your point of view if you care to give it.




  8. harkin says:

    Tiffany – As I said above cracks about your complexion are out of line but so was your rooting against the other remaining females and some of your donk behavior. Sorry babe but we don’t need to be with you to observe that the guys at your table were laughing at your ridiculous act, especially when they sent you packing.

  9. Tired of Tiffany Michelle says:

    Tiffany Michelle is just plain RUDE! Not only does she think that she gets to “run the game” on her OWN clock, and not give someone the time they think they want or need, since she wasn’t even in the damned hand anyway, but she gets to pass judgment on others who are in the hand….I honestly believe she was just a little pissed that the camera wasn’t on her arrogant face. Please, in her blog she calls him a Hollywooder simply because he is thinking about his hand. Again, we’ve all seen her arrogance and she simply wanted the camera on her. Disgusting.

    Everyone saw, and even the announcers commented on Tiffany being happy about the other 2 last girls being knocked out. The other girls were cheering for her (but they didn’t know yet that Tiffany was publicly hoping they got knocked out.) As the announcer said after Tiffany was happy to see Lisa Parsons (a real pro and classy person and player) get eliminated, “well, I guess there’s no traveling sisterhood in poker.” And this is in addition to Tiffany calling the other remaining girls “bitches” on camera in an interview. Tasteless. Just low class trash. Tiffany is just a young obnoxious rude person, and I think it would be hard to sit at a table with an arrogant obnoxious person like that.

    I high fived when Tiffany Michelle got knocked out and I’d NEVER cheer her on again. EVER! Good riddance Tiffany Michelle. Pride comes before a fall.

    Oh, and by the way Tiffany Michelle, if the “chips had a crush on you” before, as you so arrogantly in Tiffany Michelle fashion stated in WSOP, I suppose they dumped your ass. Maybe they thought you were “taking too long” in the mirror that morning and “called” you on it 🙂

  10. Great one man. I definitly will be following your blog in the future, or at least I keep it in my RSS 🙂

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