A Kid’s Game – Worth Watching…

April 8, 2011


Ghosting and Account Selling

December 6, 2007

Recently, there was yet another online poker scandal, where the winner of a big tournament was caught cheating and had to forfeit his winnings…this time it involved a practice known as Account Selling.

Account Selling, is becoming a somewhat popular option for people who get deep in the major tournaments.  It means exactly what the term would imply, a person deep in the tourney sells their account ‘temporarily’ to a more experienced tournament player to finish it out.  Often the deals will be negotiated for a certain % of the final cash, or sometimes a flat fee.

This most recent scandal involved Sorel Mizzi (aka Imper1um, ranked in top 5 on pocket fives), and Bluff Magazine Editor Chris Vaughn.  You can read all about it on Poker News @ http://www.pokernews.com/news/2007/12/online-poker-sorel-mizzi-chris-vaughn-speak-one.htm

Ghosting – is another popular ‘cheating’ method used online today.  Basically, another person shadows your play, and watches you, while at the same time, hearing what cards you have (via cell phone, or im, or in person) advises/coaches you on what to do. 

Both practices are difficult to police.  At least account selling can be traced to logging in/out of the site…GG online poker.

Switch Tables

December 3, 2007

Table selection, especially online, can be one of the most profitable things you can do while playing poker.  Sometimes we let ego get in the way, we start losing a few hands, maybe someone has just been holding over you and you ‘know’ you can beat him. 

Beating him (or her) is highly irrelevant, remember the main point to any poker game is to maximize your return on investment.  Note: while some people play the game for pure fun (whereby their investment is mostly emotional, and beating that person may in fact be the greatest return), most of us, especially the degenerate ones, play to make money.

So, the point is, if you find yourself at a tough table, and certainly it happens from time to time, don’t let your ego get in the way.  It’s ok to get up and find a new spot.  And rather easy to do online, with a simple click of the mouse.  You find even great players do this – Brian Townsend aka sbrugby recently posted a blog in which he described playing an opponent in PLO/8 who was beating him badly.  He has made a conscious decision not to play him again until he has had a chance to review the previous sessions and identify some weaknesses or leaks in his own game.  He’s smart, and eliminating the ego from the equation.