Dapo movin on to day 3

Watch out world, this kid can play…

Dapo used fearless agression to triple his day 1 stack, finishing day 2a with 313k. He is in excellent shape moving into day 3 in the top 100 in chips.

The key hand for the day found Dapo, at this time average in chips around 120k, in the cutoff with an agressive well known norwegian behind him on the button. With a flop of 635 and two clubs, the norwegian led out. dapo re-raised allin putting his tourney life on the line with A8 clubs, after agonizing the norwegian called to show two red jacks. turn was a blank, but the river was a club and Dapo stacked the guy. WOW. Exciting…

   The guy on his left isn’t too happy he’s about to get stacked…


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