Change [dot] Gov

November 10, 2008

Pres-elec Barack has a shiny new website up an running called

The initial purpose is to allow for transparency and discussion while he builds a cabinet team capable of cleaning up the mess in government accrued over the last few years.


Speculators say the days of fireside chats with the president on saturday mornings over the radio in the living room are over.  It’s interesting to have a president who is very tech savvy, ready to change the way we communicate, and has changed the way campaigns communicate/raise money.

He ran the most successful campaign in history.  Conspiracy theorists can argue that some of the money raised on the website was through anonymous ‘visa type gift cards’ – campaign finance laws state that you do not have to refuse any money, but should give unidentified (or over contributed individual funds) back to the person donating.  In the case of random gift card donations, there is no one to trace the funds back to. So what – water under the bridge imho.  

The point is – you can leverage the internet regardless of you business, service, idea – so anything you create that is worth talking about, can be talked about with the greatest of ease and laziness.  Just perfect for the ADD generation.  The trick is to actually be creating something worth talking about.  For more resources on how to do that, read anything Seth Godin writes.

The Change dot Gov site could really be a cool public forum, in which the voice of the people – aka true democracy – is actually disseminated, organized, measured, and most importantly, listened to.  Someone should figure out how to catalogue all the comments/opinions, because anyone familiar with open forums knows the majority of the posts are junk – but great ideas tend to rise to the top.

Exciting times, indeed.  

In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

…That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


This is why, Yes we can.

April 8, 2008

Obama recently discussed what ‘success in Iraq’ means with General Petraeus.

The transcript can be found, among other places, here

This dialogue illustrates how Obama can bring opposing sides together.  Rather than placing blame, he asks pointed questions, using solid logic, to get to the root of the problems.  In this case, the root of the problem for the ‘war in Iraq’ is the definition of success.  You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the solution will be.  You cannot know what the solution will be without knowing the definitions of the goals to get to that solution.  As illustrated in the dialogue, the current goals for the war may be set so high (unrealistic) that withdrawing our troops and cutting our war budgets seems impossible.  Re-defining, or reframing the perspective within a reasonable compromising goal can get both sides to start agreeing, and with agreements come progress.  Yes we can.  McCain, is not going to be asking these questions, he will accept the definitions of success, and rationalize why we need to stay in Iraq for 100 years…

Does anyone else feel this way?

April 4, 2008

While I was reading an article about how much the Clinton’s made since 2000, I came across this funny little comment.  I’m curious if anyone else feels this way.  Personally, my vote is for moving to Canada or the EU.

What do you think about the Clintons earning more than $100 million from 2000-2007?
1. her generous charity donations don’t change my opinion about her. she is still hilary and i am still moving to mexico if she wins.
Submitted by: yourMom
4:17 PM PDT, Apr 4, 2008

Go Vote!

February 5, 2008

It is not overly critical who you vote for, however it is critical that you exercise your right to vote!

If you need a suggestion – GO OBAMA OR GO HOME!