WPT Legends of Poker – Final Table

August 28, 2008

Here are the final six:

Seat 1 – Trong Nguyen – 980,000
Seat 2 – Amit Makhija – 3,225,000
Seat 3 – Paul Smith – 1,130,000
Seat 4 – John Phan – 2,415,000
Seat 5 – Zachary Clark – 2,025,000
Seat 6 – Kyle Wilson – 1,425,000

Amit Makhija, qualified for the event in a super satellite – so he’s obv excited. John Phan, the POY points leader, is going to be the player to keep an eye on, as he has the most experience at the table and will be looking to push some people around. Zachary Clark is the nephew (or cousin??) of the late Chip Reese, so there is someone to root for.


Layne Flack busts 8th in Legends

August 28, 2008

Pretty gross hand – read the recap from cardplayer:

In perhaps the biggest suckout of the tournament, John Phan just eliminated Layne Flack in eighth place.

John Phan raised to 110,000 and Layne Flack reraised to 360,000, leaving just 300,000 behind. After the dealer pulled in the bets, Phan counted out 550,000 from his stack, seeing how much he’d be left with if he put Flack all in and lost.

After a few minutes of thought, Phan asked for the dealer’s “all in” button, as he has done all tournament long. Realizing that this could be an angle to see his opponent’s reaction, the tournament director informed Phan that the next time he asks for the button, he will be all in.

Phan, thinking he had accidently committed himself, said, “Oh, Layne, they had me scared. I thought I went all in.” Flack, realizing the situation, replied, “I know what you were doing. You were trying to scare me, so we’re even.” After another minute of deliberation, Phan tossed in the button and both players turned over their cards.

Flack: AA
Phan: 77

The flop came out 764 and the crowd gasped as Phan flopped a set. The turn took all hope away from Flack when the 7 peeled off the deck, giving Phan quads. The inconsequential river card was the Q and Flack was eliminated in eighth place, earning $105,620.

PROP Bet @ the Bike – Gavin Smith v Sabyl Cohen

August 26, 2008

G Smith just pulled a mississippi shuffle on Ms. Sabyl Cohen (of ESPN WSOP ME 200X whatever coverage fame).

The Wager – How much the 2008 attendance of WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike will decrease from 2007?

The Line – $1,000 on 25% decrease, and $1,000 on 20% decrease – two separate bets

Last Years Attendance – 485, making the 388 – G Smith would scoop both, 387-362 – they’d push, under 362 – G Smith would lose both.

This Years Attendance – 373 – woulda chopped the bet, but….on day 1, attendance was only 161 players, and day 2 energy got Sabyl a little nervous.  She offered to settle…picked a ludicrous number of $1700 buy out.  Gavin said he would have settled for $900.  So Gav got the $1700 winner on what should have been a chop.  Looks like things are turning around for the caveman.

Lesson of the day: Always go with your first instinct kiddies.

Thx pokerroad for the story.

Tom Schneider Busts 4th, Harrington takes it down.

August 31, 2007

WPT Final Table at the Bike - Legends of Poker

The PROP team would like to congratulate Tom Schneider on his 4th place finish at this year’s Legend’s of Poker WPT tournament hosted by the Bicycle Casino.  He started the day 1st in chips, but was riding a rollercoaster as he was one of the most active players at the table.

We tried to help by giving him a PROP dealer button to ‘calm’ him down.  You should see it on the table on TV as he was playing with it.  It seemed to bring good luck initially, as he was all in with pocket 7s, against chip leader Harrington who called with A/10.  An A/x/7 flop, A turn, blank river gave Tom a Boat and a Double up to about 2mil.  A few rounds later Read the rest of this entry »

It helps to run gooot – Joe Sebok busts on TV Bubble

August 30, 2007

Tom Schneider seems to be at the top of every leaderboard we look at these days…it doesn’t hurt that he is running good at the moment.  Check out this pic from cardplayer highlighting the final hand of Day 4 @ the Legends of Poker in Los Angeles at the Bicycle Casino. 

Joe Seboks Final hand @ the Bike

The hand played out like this:

Sebok raised to 120,000 from middle position and was reraised by Schneider out of the small blind. Sebok moved all in, and Schneider called. Sebok tabled pocket queens, and Schneider showed AJ. Sebok retained the lead on the flop when it came 652. However the turn brought a crushing A, and Sebok was drawing to two outs. The river was a brick when it came 10, and Sebok was sent to the rail in seventh place.