Play the Rush

November 30, 2007

We don’t often see this concept talked about much, but we find it is a good tool to have in the arsenal…

To play a rush sometimes you just need to keep playing hands.  Obviously it is impossible to tell when a ‘rush’ is coming, but if you’ve ever gambled at anything else besides poker, you’ll know that sometimes you just get a ‘feeling.’  Now, this can sound a bit silly, not as clever as the technical tools we all have learned (i.e. position strength, reraising light, short stack play, etc), but it certainly can be a part of the game.  So, get in there when you start feeling good.  Play 6 hands in a row, see what happens.  You might just chip up.  You will also change your image, the table will feel you are playing recklessly.  You can and should ‘revert’ to whatever style you were playing prior to the rush, or whatever is appropriate for that table, after a reasonable amount of time as the rush has surely subsided.

If you are willing to play the rush, you are willing to gamble.  Read the rest of this entry »

One Drop Foundation

November 29, 2007

This is a great example of positive things poker players can do in the world.  The One Drop Foundation which was founded in Oct ’07 aims at ‘fighting poverty in the world by ensuring everyone has access to water.’ 

Now, who started this cool foundation?  Guy Laliberte, with a $100mil.  He plays poker.  You can find him on t.v. during the High Stakes Poker show on GSN, wearing a ‘one drop’ hat and shirt.  He didn’t make his money playing poker though – in fact in ’06 he was rumored to be the biggest loser in cash games online @ fulltilt, over $3mil downtick.  He got his money by owning 95% of Cirque du Soleil…it’s only valued at approx $1.7billion.  He was entrepreneur of the year in ’06 by Ernst and Young.

Inspired by this positive entrepreneurial spirit, PROP will be giving away 25 hoodies for ’25 days of Xmas’ to homeless people in San Francisco.  It’s cold there, hoodies aren’t quite as good as a warm bed/place to stay but they are a start and show people down on there luck that someone cares.

The moral of the story – poker is a game – people play the game – people can do positive things in the world.  Get out there and do some good.

Bellagio 5 Diamond

November 29, 2007

Quick update – Will Lin cashed in the first event of the Bellagio 5 Diamond Poker Classic going on over the next few weeks.  Event #1 was a $1500 +90 buyin that had 472 entries.  Will finished 44th for $2645. 

Event #2 – Dapo and Will both busted before the money, with Will getting busted to a set over set situation, and Dapo ran into top set with a st8 flush draw and a pair on the flop.

Note: All these fields are notoriously stacked…it’s the Bellagio…anyone who is anyone wants to win these events, and most of the pros are playing the smaller buyins to warm up for the $15k WPT starting in the middle of December.

Cool Xmas present (next year?)

November 21, 2007

I don’t know anyone that hosts a poker game that wouldn’t think this is cool:

Shuffle Tech to Sell Automatic Shufflers to Consumers for $480, the catch is it isn’t available until Jan ’08…buzz kill. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Carve a Turkey

November 20, 2007

Just Do It, have a proper bird and be thankful (we’re thankful for wikipedia):

There is nothing as inviting as a home filled with the aroma of a turkey baking in the oven, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or just for a big, special dinner. Read the rest of this entry »

Charge your ipod with an onion…

November 19, 2007

Just in case you happen to be at your local casino with a dead ipod…get McGuiver on it. 

Jesus wins $200k

November 19, 2007

Not only did Chris Ferguson win $200k in a WSOP circuit event yesterday, he also got to play in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Perhaps one of the coolest placest on earth.  Read the rest of this entry »