Brian Townsend – Multi-Accounting

August 27, 2008

In a recent blog confessional, Cardrunners pro Brian Townsend has admitted to playing under two different poker accounts on Stars and Tilt. He had been using the aba30 and sbrugby names, then with the fulltilt deal, he switched to a red pro under his name. His ‘illegal’ aliases were: Stellarnebula on FTP and makersmark66 on Stars.

He offers an open, honest, and sincere apology about his actions. Frankly, while it is against the rules, this is probably the most common example of ‘bending’ the online poker rules. I’ve had multiple accounts on different sites, just because I didn’t like my screen name.

For a recognizable pro, the advantage to playing annonymously is understandably tempting. Also, in Brian’s case he was moving down in limits, and was worried what people would think about that. So to protect his ego, and get action at the lower limits, he played under different names.

He stated that his FT red pro status is being suspended for 6 months (meaning no 100% rakeback) and that he is contributing $25k of his ‘cardrunners distributions’ to a charity tbd.

He is a class act. This shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It speaks to a larger problem, with how easy it is to create accounts – set up different bank accounts, different names, whatever. I don’t know how you can address it outside of using social security numbers or something crazy to identify people.

For the full blog entry go to Cardrunners.


Cole (CTS) South – $550k in play

May 21, 2008

Cole South, instructor over at Cardrunners – currently has over $500k in play on FullTilt across a few tables’.

Now can someone say Bankroll Management?  Generally, playing high variance games like HU and PLO you’d want 30buyin ish range, so he’s looking at needing in the neighborhood of $16mil liquid….I know this kid is a baller and has done quite well…but lets say he’s made – oh I dunno $4mil online to date (which has to be on the high side in my rather uneducated opinion).  He’s still using a stupid high % of his bankroll.  

Gambooooool it up Cole.  We love you just like TC.

Training Sites and the “Correct way to play”

January 30, 2008

What’s your take on the various video sites out there?  Cardrunners, PokerXfactor, PokerVT, PokerSavvy, the list goes on and on…

I like what Phil Ivey said something to the effect of ‘you have to play your own game.’  That requires putting in hands, learning people’s tendancies including your own (which may vary by level and site), and learning how to exploit those tendancies to make a profit. Read the rest of this entry »