Wasicka Post

February 15, 2008

Paul Wasicka (runner-up in 06 WSOP ME, and Reigning NBC Heads Up Champion) made a good blog post a few days ago via PokerRoad regarding certain types of people, and their drive/ambition differences.  He provides an interesting perspective on how to stay motivated and focused in this crazy degenerate game…

Check it out here


Gus Hansen’s Full Tilt Account

February 7, 2008

Apparently Gus Hansen is blogging for cardplayer now, as he accounts the past few weeks on Full Tilt:

Last 2 weeks on Full Tilt Poker looks like this:
Day 1 through day 3: 1 Million
Day 4 through day 6: – 650K
Day 7 through day 14: 1.1 Million

End result: 1.45 million. Pretty good, for a B-student from Noerrebro. For everybody out there with no knowledge about Danish geography, Noerrebro is part of inner city Copenhagen. For everyone out there who has never heard of Copenhagen – pick up a fu**ing map! Read the rest of this entry »

Jesus wins $200k

November 19, 2007

Not only did Chris Ferguson win $200k in a WSOP circuit event yesterday, he also got to play in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Perhaps one of the coolest placest on earth.  Read the rest of this entry »