Wear Sunscreen

September 30, 2008

Thanks Ian for sharing this:

Good Questions

September 27, 2008

I read Seth Godin’s blog frequently…he’s always so on point with his observations of the world from a marketing perspective.

Here are some of his random questions he was asking himself while traveling recently:

Why does a banana cost twenty cents at the supermarket and $1.61 at SFO? Are hungry people supposed to subsidize non-hungry travelers?

When I go through security, why do I need to remove a cardigan sweater but the woman standing next to me can keep her cashmere blouse on? Are certain kinds of wool inherently risky?

What would happen if Imagineers from Disney designed the security line? Why not let them try?

Why doesn’t the airport have sleeping benches? Worse, far worse, why isn’t there someone you can ask that question to?

After inspecting more than twenty million pairs of shoes, have the screeners found even one dangerous pair?

After seven years, why is random yelling still the way that TSA screeners communicate their superstitious rules to people in line? Will this still be true in twenty years?

Why don’t we spend some of the time and money we’re wasting on security theatre to do things like secure ports or make airport runways safer?

Why don’t hotels have very simple alarm clocks?

It used to be extremely dangerous to give people on planes a metal butter knife and a fork with their meal. Now, it’s apparently no longer dangerous. What happened? If this was an overreaction not based on data, should reexamine other possible overreactions?

If it’s so dangerous to have your ipod on during takeoff and landing, how come you’re allowed to have it with you on the plane at all? Does all the scolding actually increase safety? How?

Why does the FAA require the airlines to explain to every passenger how to buckle their seatbelt? Don’t people who have managed to safely get to the airport but have never mastered this skill deserve whatever happens to them?


Full Tilt 750k Guarantee – Gingabreadman +$23k

September 16, 2008

Congrats goes out to friend and sometimes prop team member gingabreadman for his first five figure online cash.  He finished 6th in sundays Full Tilt 750k Guarantee.

He grinded a short stack from about 60 people left, and won all the critical races.  He also played a very patient final table, and allowed some deeper stacks to go crazy and knock themselves out.  His final hand got aipf with 99 v A7o, and with an A on the flop it was bye bye.

Nice score either way – now bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Chuck Liddell…sucks at poker.

September 13, 2008

Please don’t beat me up.

It’s always somewhat mind boggling to watch someone who doesn’t know what they are doing play cards, especially on t.v. against ‘pro’s’.  You really get a chance to see the illogical holdings, the ‘I have a pair, I better call’ mentality, the inability to fold any pair or draw regardless of price, position, or the potential to bust. 

You sir, Mr. Chuck Liddell, fall squarely in the category described above.  Over calling out of position with 6/2o sure, check calling bottom pair on a/6/x board, sure.  Calling off all your stack on a OESD when your nitty opponent puts you in…sure.   My personal favorite was his ‘tell’ of a made hand, putting his head down on his hands, looking ever so innocent.

This is one thing that is great about poker.  Anyone can play the game.  You want to play a $10k event like a homegame?  Fine.  Can I borrow a little $$$ and play too?  Lol.  People with money/fame/satellite entries, don’t need to care about the ‘correct’ ways to play poker, they are playing for fun.  You could obviously see when Chuck was excited, nervous, unsure, confident….that’s why he was playing.  The thrill of moving your chips around in an environment where you know your the underdog.  He said it several times, that the main event was just a fun thing for him to be able to play with the people he watches on t.v.  He did cross the ethical boundary on one discussion with Mark Seif when he told Seif he had made two pair, I think Seif called just so he didn’t have to hear about ‘collusion’ and more cheating – since he is the main figure of Absolute – and we already know about that sites shady mcshadesvilles.

Back to Chuck, and playing for fun…I think that’s cool.  He certainly never claimed to be a good poker player.  He was respectful when he hit big hands, as well as when he lost.  Can you say that when you’ve played against some of the bitter regular/grinders out there…not so much. 

The game NEEDS these players!  Don’t be overly critical next time your playing with the guy splashing around and making two pair with 6/2o…just try and smile and say NH!.  So play on player…keep bashin skulls as your day job, you’re welcome at my table any time.