Wasicka Post

February 15, 2008

Paul Wasicka (runner-up in 06 WSOP ME, and Reigning NBC Heads Up Champion) made a good blog post a few days ago via PokerRoad regarding certain types of people, and their drive/ambition differences.  He provides an interesting perspective on how to stay motivated and focused in this crazy degenerate game…

Check it out here


Control the size of the Pot

February 5, 2008

Paul Wasicka, a good friend of the PROP team, wrote a nice article about controlling the size of the pot, posted today on fulltiltpoker.com.

The basic premise is that you want to play big pots with big hands, and smaller pots with more vulnerable hands.  Take in to consideration that a ‘big hand’ does not necessarily mean two black aces in the hole against a 8h/9h/10h board…

Some people may read the article and say it is a weak/passive play – and sometimes they’d be right – but it is also a lower variance style, which for some people works better.  There are certainly different ways to skin a cat or fish…

Paul Wasicka’s Take on Bankroll Management

September 7, 2007

Good discussion on playing within your means.