WPT Foxwoods – lol10kaments

August 12, 2008

So I just watched the 2008 WPT Foxwoods poker tournament….I lol Andrew Barta’s 3bet allin shove, 3 handed, and $300k difference between 2nd and 3rd place.  He had about 350bb and AQo vs. equal chip stacked Eric Seidel on button, who had JJ and opened for about 2.5x (who had just raised 3 hands in a row).  The guy in 3rd place had half as many chips.  So Barta just decided to go off and got impatient. Nice call from Seidel, but jeezus.  AQo AIPF for 350bb at final table?  



LAPC + Ivey = Good Times

February 24, 2008

The field at the 2008 LAPC has been thinned to approx 150 players after day 2.  Good news for poker fans, Ivey’s got chips.  Currently 2nd in chips.  Antonio Esfandiari is also in the mix toward the top…a win from a ‘name’ player would be a great thing for the game. Follow the action @ http://www.cardplayer.com/tournaments/chip_counts/13949 

North American Poker Championship

October 28, 2007

This tourney is a special one for us, being close to where our founder grew up.  Niagara Falls, CA is considered one of the great wonders of the world, and really worth checking out if you’ve never been there.  It’s crazy to think hundreds of people have gone over the falls in barrels….

Anyways, they are also playing a poker tournament there.  Jon Little ended Day 1A with the chip lead.  Many notables are doing well.

You can follow all the action @ http://www.worldpokertour.com/tournament/