WSOP Event 3 – Dapo goin deep – sick final hand

Yo, congrats goes out to Dapo Fadeyi for making it through over 2000 players in the 3rd event of the 2007 WSOP.  He finished 27th…the win is just around the corner.

Read about his sick final hand on cardplayer:

Paul Evans drew a seat next to Dapo Fadeyi from Denver, Colorado and they soon tangled in the biggest pot of the tournament.  Evans raised to $40,000 from middle position and Fadeyi made the call.  The flop came K97, Evans bet $40,000 and Fadeyi called.  The turn was the 10, Evans bet $100,000 and Fadeyi moved all in for $199,000 more.  Evans tanked for less then a minute then said, “I have pot odds.”  He made the call with AQ and Fadeyi tabled 99.  The river was the 8, giving Evans the nut flush and sending a devastated Fadeyi home.  That put Evans around $900,000, far ahead of the rest of the field.


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