Dapo takes down $100+9 on Pokerstars

Dapo Fadeyi, a founding member of Team PROP, took down a $100+9 buyin on Pokerstars last night, under the alias greygoose8.  He outlasted 300 players to take home the $8250 first place prize.  Listen to Dapo breakdown his thought process throughout this event:

“Well going into the tourney my strategy was just to be patient early and try to pick up a few hands and generally if I can get away with a few bluffs early things generally go well for me. Things went to plan as I picked up some big pairs early and won a lot of small uncontested pots. I was one of the chip leaders the entire tourney. A major hand for me was ……at I believe the 400-800 level I had about 40k stack. UTG makes it 2400 next player calls and it folds to me in the SB where I have 88 and call having both players covered. The flop comes Q84 two spades I check, original raiser bets ½ pot guy behind him moves all in, I push, and the original raiser calls. I’m up against AQ and 1010 no flush draw and after the pot I jump up to 80k and cruise into the money.

Then with 13 players left I open in late position with JJ and the small blind pushes for like 60K more and I’ve got about 130K. Normally I might lay this down not wanting to race but I just felt like this guy was making a move and my hand was so far ahead of his range and I would have had a 2-1 chip lead going into the final table.  I decided to call he showed 55 and the board comes 8857Q and I got knocked down to 70K.

From that point on I told myself to tighten up and waited for big hands. I never really picked one up, but when you get that late if you’re able to steal a few rounds of blinds you can really make a lot back quick and I was able to steal without any resistance.

At the final table I made a few mistakes but because I was able to steal and picked up some hands at the right times I was able to overcome those mistakes. The final table was pretty uneventful some players melted down and I just stayed patient and eventually won getting it with AQ vs K2 to take it down.”


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