Shannon Shorr – Not the Brightest Bulb in the Bunch

April 29, 2008

From last years WSOP – kids, don’t try this at home.

$2.5M River Card

April 26, 2008

Gus Hansen, the man with 85% of chips in play, down to two at the WPT Championship, $25k event at the Bellagio is currently blessed with the anti-doom switch.  He’s had a set over set situation to bust Tommy Legend, he needed a non-flush 7 outter on river to bust another, and shoved with 7hi flush draw against second place chips with 4 left….GG Gus, $3.3M is alright.  I’m sure the other guys that play high stakes PLO with him on Tilt are excited.

Check out the biggest pot of the tourney, where he was involved with Cory Carroll – nice call Cory – tough result, a $2.5M ish downtick, but nice call anyway: as reported by cardplayer….

Cory CarrollHand #16  –  David Chiu has the button in seat 3, and there is no small blind. Hansen raises from the cutoff to 480,000, Carroll reraises from the big blind to 1.65 million, and Hansen thinks for a bit before he calls. The two chipleaders apparently aren’t afraid to mix it up in a big pot. 

The flop comes QJ6, Carroll checks, and Hansen stands up to get a better look at Carroll’s chip stack across the table. After about two minutes of thinking with a pained expression on his face, Gus Hansen moves all in, and the crowd gasps. 

Carroll looks surprised, but he takes his time, rechecking his cards and taking a close look at his own chip stack. If he calls and wins, he would be a dominant chipleader with 15 million, but if he loses, he’s out of the tournament in fourth place. If he folds, he’ll still have a little less than 6 million in chips, which is still a solid second on the leaderboard. Carroll seems to be studying everything but his opponent — he only gives occasional glances Hansen’s way. 

Several times, it looks like Carroll has come to a decision, but then he continues thinking. He’s definitely not Hollywooding it here. 

Carroll finally calls all in for 6,925,000, and the crowd gasps. Carroll shows AJfor a pair of jacks. Hansen shows 75 for a diamond flush draw, and he’ll need to improve to bust Carroll here. 

The turn is the Q, and Carroll is still in the lead with two pair. Hansen needs any diamond but the queen (which would give Carroll a full house) to win the pot. 

The river card is — the 3

The crowd screams as Gus Hansen rivers a diamond flush to win the biggest pot of the tournament. 

Cory Carroll made the right call but got the wrong result, and he is eliminated in fourth place, earning $593,645. 


Who says it’s hard to get a pair?

April 25, 2008

Tube Poker

April 25, 2008

London Tube

Straight from London Town!  Check out the big boi’s making the big money…it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than you, it’s a buzz man!

Ace on the River, Asshole

April 23, 2008

This is great.  Everytime Barry Greenstein busts from a tourney, he gives a signed copy of his book ‘Ace on the River’ to whomever busts him.

Take a look at this photo, from Cardplayer, of one such autographed copy:

Barry Greenstein\'s Book

Recent News and Degeneracy

April 22, 2008

WPT Championship:  The $25k Main Event is going on right now at the Bellagio.  This is a super deep stack event, in which each player starts with 50k in chips with 50/100 blinds.  There have been a lot of notable front runners throughout the event including Gus Hansen, Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Negreanu.  Through the end of day 3, Robert Mizrachi is currently the Chip Leader with about 140k chip lead over second place.  There are 188 out of 545 players left, and first place is $3.4M.  Weeeeee.

Prop Bets: Durrr lost an ‘on-time’ bet in meeting up with some friends…and now as payment, has to wear some gay hats around for the rest of the tourney.

Durrr in hats....

Bodog Founder, Calvin Ayres, Retires:  Here is an example of a smart gambler; getting out while he still can.  He’s got more money than he knows what to do with, living the good life in Antigua.  He’s traveled the world.  He’s partied everywhere.  Now it’s time for a little R+R and philanthropy.  Good for him.  GG.

Youtube for Poker Players?

April 17, 2008

Pokerstars has begun experimenting with a new youtube-like service centered around poker.  It features lots of interesting videos ranging from Daniel Negreanu providing a video tutorial to magic tricks being played on dinosaur-man Greg Raymer.

Check out the magic trick here:

Free Rice

April 17, 2008

While at an interactive advertising convention, the coolest thing I learned was from a 15 year old girl.  She was a part of a discussion panel on ‘millenials’.  I think I’m a part of generation X, or perhaps Y, but these ‘youngsters’ are ‘millenials’, and they consume digital media slightly more savvy…I digress.  

She informed me (and a few thousand other listeners) about Free Rice.

This is a site in which while playing their ‘game’ for every word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice through the UN to help end world hunger.

I’m not that smart, so I only donated a few grains…but give it a try, play a game, and help save the world.  Kinda reminds me of Heroes, except I couldn’t find the cheerleader.

So I’ve realized this blog has strayed off the perennial ‘poker’ path as of late…my apologies.  I guess I’ve just found some more interesting things recently then whether or not some monkey check raised me on the turn with nothing.  In addition, I think it is important to get away from the game from time to time, so when you return to the game, it is done in a more refreshing light.  The WSOP 2008 is just around the corner, and that’s when we’ll be getting all the poker playing in we need.

Body Art

April 15, 2008

Doyle Brunson vs. Patrik Antonius

April 15, 2008

So amongst the rumor mill is an outstanding challenge that Patrik Antonius has posed to Doyle Brunson.  7-10 games, at 7 figure stakes, and Doyle gets to pick the games.  Yikes.  Apparently, the drama spawned from a quote taken out of context from Doyle that he’d swim a river to play any of the internet players.  Patrik can certainly play in both arenas, and Doyle has acknowledged as much.

Patrik is a monster playing NL HU and PLO, but ANY game?  I dunno, Doyle is a legend that probably invented half the card games out there – I think he’s got the edge here. 

This is Doyles take (from his blog):

I think he made a mistake when he said, “I’ll play him any game for any amount.” I’ve got 7-10 different games, all of which I’ve played in Las Vegas casinos for high stakes, that I’m willing to commit to for at least a seven figure match. There will be no animosity between us; we are both pros who love a good gamble. It will be interesting if he accepts and I’m sure we will both have a great time playing.

Here’s what some of the other pro’s think:

Why doesn’t some producer get all over this – sounds like a pay-per-view event to me.

Olympic Torch Relay

April 9, 2008

Free Tibet

The Olympic Torch was in San Francisco today, where about 80 people got to carry the torch throughout ‘part’ of the city.  The original route had the torch going down the Embarcedero (near the baseball stadium), but due to large groups of protestors, the city pulled a bait and switch and re-routed at the last second going through the middle part of the city down Van Ness and into the Marina (by the Golden Gate bridge).

It was an interesting experience to say the least – protestors abound with philosophies on what is wrong with the world – human rights, animal rights, free speech rights, internet rights, save darfur, free tibet, free burma, pro-china, protest beijing, support the olympics, end sweatshops.  It presented the very problem that marketers face all day every day.  Clutter. 

Everyone with an agenda was there to shout about it.  Most people were there to find their opposing group, and shout at them telling them why the other group is stupid or biased or just plain wrong.  It is commendable though that many young people were out supporting causes like Darfur.  Passion is good. 

The two major protesting topics were Tibet and Darfur. 

In Tibet, while there is some international debate about the current human rights status, there is no debate that China occupies their country, and they have gone through 50+ years of oppression.  The Free Tibet protestors aim to shed light on the human rights abuses against the Tibetans.

China, with its population size and global trade strength, has tremendous leverage it can use to either support or discourage behaviors.  At the moment, China is Sudans largest oil customer (among other things), and has done nothing to discourage their government to end the genocide in Darfur.  In 2007, China’s trade imports doubled from Sudan.  This shows China is supporting the Sudanse Government and ignoring the genocide.  That is wrong.  And the world is speaking out. 

For more information you can go to the following sites:

Here’s what it was like from my vantage point:

This is why, Yes we can.

April 8, 2008

Obama recently discussed what ‘success in Iraq’ means with General Petraeus.

The transcript can be found, among other places, here

This dialogue illustrates how Obama can bring opposing sides together.  Rather than placing blame, he asks pointed questions, using solid logic, to get to the root of the problems.  In this case, the root of the problem for the ‘war in Iraq’ is the definition of success.  You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the solution will be.  You cannot know what the solution will be without knowing the definitions of the goals to get to that solution.  As illustrated in the dialogue, the current goals for the war may be set so high (unrealistic) that withdrawing our troops and cutting our war budgets seems impossible.  Re-defining, or reframing the perspective within a reasonable compromising goal can get both sides to start agreeing, and with agreements come progress.  Yes we can.  McCain, is not going to be asking these questions, he will accept the definitions of success, and rationalize why we need to stay in Iraq for 100 years…

Money As Debt

April 6, 2008

Here’s an interesting look at what money actually is – this is what we play for??  Seems like a waste of time in this context.  WARNING THIS IS LONG _ 47 min _ but a cool vid nonetheless.

Shunt London

April 6, 2008

Hey London Degens….take some time to take in a little art at SHUNT 

It might be the coolest lounge, bar, art collective in the world.

Bear and Phone at Shunt

Does anyone else feel this way?

April 4, 2008

While I was reading an article about how much the Clinton’s made since 2000, I came across this funny little comment.  I’m curious if anyone else feels this way.  Personally, my vote is for moving to Canada or the EU.

What do you think about the Clintons earning more than $100 million from 2000-2007?
1. her generous charity donations don’t change my opinion about her. she is still hilary and i am still moving to mexico if she wins.
Submitted by: yourMom
4:17 PM PDT, Apr 4, 2008