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February 29, 2008

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“This is a very nicely done design. A lot of times white doesn’t come out that well on a black shirt, but theirs is flawless…” and “…this Indian shirt, which was printed on one of the softest material’s I’ve felt”

Skateboards, Ricin, and Ivey

February 29, 2008

Thanks to Justin in LA for showing us some love on his deck:


WTF is Ricin, and why is it showing up in random shitty hotels in Vegas?  The PROP team is going to have to upgrade and stay at Will’s house to avoid the plague.

WPT Note: Ivey is the man – as predicted – although shout out to Nam Le from Huntington Beach (also rocking a Bodog Tag @ the final table – hopefully a sign of future deals to come), he got it in preflop with AA vs. Ivey’s 33 and the turn brought the two outter to send pain throughout the drunk crew, also his buddy Quinn Do finishing 2nd – well done.

Ivey down to final six – 2 to 1

February 28, 2008

He’s made 7 wpt final tables and has yet to win. It’s time for the gambler’s fallacy to come true…I’ll lay anyone 2 to 1 he wins this one – email me at to arrange.  Although it is a tough table with Nam Le and Phil Helmuth in the mix.  Weeeee.

LAPC + Ivey = Good Times

February 24, 2008

The field at the 2008 LAPC has been thinned to approx 150 players after day 2.  Good news for poker fans, Ivey’s got chips.  Currently 2nd in chips.  Antonio Esfandiari is also in the mix toward the top…a win from a ‘name’ player would be a great thing for the game. Follow the action @ 

Indiana Jones – New Trailer

February 23, 2008

Is he getting too old for this role or what?  He seems a little more believable than the 100year old Stallone running through the forest killing hundreds…

Watch the trailer here

Stacks of Fifty

February 23, 2008

If you find yourself playing in a live game, 1-2, 2-3, 2-5, where $5 chips are the common denomination….here’s a little secret to indentify the weak player at the table:

They stack their chips in $50 denominations.

I’m not scared of any player who stacks their chips like this, and neither should you.  Raise them mercilessly.  Put lots of pressure on them.  They don’t want to go broke.  They probably didn’t buy in for the full amount.  They still respect money, and have a fear of losing it.  Their favorite play is the “check fold” and minraises = “nuts”.

GL fitty.

Phil Ivey Broke?

February 15, 2008

Say it aint so….maybe his wife is controlling his finances…from the Chat Box on Full Tilt as of 2/11 (note: this except was jacked from PokerRoad)

trex313: hey
trex313: i’m at your big boy table
trex313: if you wanted to play higher
Phil Ivey: im broke right now. this is the whole load
trex313: oh
Phil Ivey: cant get in touch with anyone
trex313: you want to crossbook double?
trex313: or you want to just play this
Phil Ivey: call me
trex313: i don’t know your phone number
Phil Ivey: get it from someone
trex313: who knows your number?
Phil Ivey: u have erick lindgrens number
trex313: lemme see if mike’s on
Phil Ivey: zigmund
Phil Ivey: patrick
trex313: matasow
trex313: matasow’s not answering
trex313: howa bout i xferr you the money
trex313: on here
trex313: since you have more credit than me
trex313: since everyone knows you
Phil Ivey: ok i will send it back to u tommorow if i
lose and if i win i will send it to u tonight
trex313: okay
trex313: how much
Phil Ivey: ante up for now
Phil Ivey: 200000
trex313: are we crossboking?
Phil Ivey: u know how it works?
trex313: no tell me
trex313: or should we just wait til you get the 200
trex313: then just play it straight up
Phil Ivey: lets jus play 5 and 10 until u get my
number and then we can discuss how it works and
play really high
trex313: 5 and 10?
trex313: here?
Phil Ivey: yeah

so he isn’t broke, just has to deal with transferring money on/off like the rest of us donkeys…