WSOP Coverage on ESPN needs work.

September 6, 2007

The coverage this year seems to be similiar to years past, but ESPN should start consulting with poker players to see what information we want to keep track of while watching. 

There should be regular estimates of # of players remaining, better chip counts at featured tables, current average chip stack, current leaderboards, time remaining in the level, what the next level’s blinds/antes are, and more featured tables – more hole cams – for example at the end of Day 2 during the WSOP ME Gus Hansen was Read the rest of this entry »


Dapo Out – 10 hands into day 4

July 14, 2007

Congrats go out to Dapo on making the money, busting 324th, for approx $40k, his second 2007 WSOP cash.  He found himself quite card dead for two days, and did well to last as long as he did.


In other news, Matt is pissed he didn’t get a piece of Dmikkal…two weeks prior to main event 1% was going for $120, and now this crazy european is first in chips @ the main event.  Although Read the rest of this entry »

Dapo movin on to day 3

July 11, 2007

Watch out world, this kid can play…

Dapo used fearless agression to triple his day 1 stack, finishing day 2a with 313k. He is in excellent shape moving into day 3 in the top 100 in chips.

The key hand for the day found Dapo, at this time average in chips around 120k, in the cutoff with an agressive well known norwegian behind him on the button. With a flop of 635 and two clubs, the norwegian led out. dapo re-raised allin putting his tourney life on the line with A8 clubs, after agonizing the norwegian called to show two red jacks. turn was a blank, but the river was a club and Dapo stacked the guy. WOW. Exciting…

   The guy on his left isn’t too happy he’s about to get stacked…

Dapo in 12th for day 1b

July 8, 2007

Thanks in part to a semi-bluff on the turn that materialized into a st8 flush, Dapo is currently sitting in 12th place going into the final level for day 1b with 110k in chips.


GL DAPO! PROP is in the building…

WSOP Craziness

June 25, 2007

The PROP team has been in Vegas for the past few weeks hanging around the Rio, playing crazy pinapple @ 630am, busting out first hands of satellites, and giving away free stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

William Lin – 3rd Place, Event #30

June 20, 2007

What a sick hand…Will played great the whole tournament….this is the hand that took him out:

Lin raised to $60,000 and was called by Terence Chan.  The flop came AQ3, Chan checks and Lin bets.  Chan check raised all in and it  took Lin only a seconds to call with AJ.  He celebrates when Chan shows A6 but the turn comes 6 and Chan takes the lead in the hand.  Things got confusing during the webcast when commentator Howard David mistakenly called the action as if Chan had just lost the hand and had busted.   Once the confusion had been taken care of, Lin was taken from the tent in third place for a $196,758 payday.

Congratulats go out to Will, although our condolences on the tough finish. 

PROP @ Main Event, 2007 WSOP!

June 19, 2007

This just in, PROP Player, Brian Lasher, just won a 40 person tournament in Niagara Falls, NY to earn a prize package worth over $15k.  The package includes airfare, hotel accomodations for the entire ME, $1,000 spending cash, and the ME entry!

 Congratulations to Brian, another PROP player @ the ME!

William Lin – Final Table – 6 Handed – Event 30

June 19, 2007

A friend of the PROP Team, William Lin, is killing it out @ the WSOP – and currently 3rd in chips in event 30.  A six-handed, nl event with 847 players, with first place over $500,000. 

 Everyone at PROP will be rooting for him to take it down.  GL WILL! Read the rest of this entry »