High Stakes Poker Results, Variance and Swings, Superuser?

August 15, 2008

To try something a little different, and hopefully provide value to all you aspiring high stakes gamblers I decided to take a look at the high stakes poker results of the biggest games around to see if there were any trends we could learn something from.

First I took the results published by highstakesdb.com – which provides the top 50 and bottom 50 winners and losers for each month. The results are from 1/1/07 thru 7/31/08, including Omaha and Holdem on Ladbrokes/Prima/Fulltilt networks. High stakes horse is also included in the 7/08 monthly results.

I compiled all these monthly reports into a single spreadsheet workbook in Excel, and then combined the months to provide a data set of 19 months of the high stakes poker world. My initial theory was that the biggest high stakes players have the biggest swings but I wanted to visually see the difference between, if they are constantly playing the biggest games, or game selecting and ‘taking shots’…

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High Stakes Poker Online Screen Names

August 15, 2008

Who’s who? Here’s some that we know:

Noataima – Guy Laliberte – owns Cirque du Soleil – possible alias: Lady Marmelade
Ziigmund -Ilhari Sahamies – old alias: sutrakama
Gus Hansen
Patrik Antonius – Alias Finddagrind and Luigi66369, crymeariver8, I_Knockout_U
Phil Ivey
David Benyamine – ballsrider, magicpitch1
OMGClayAiken – Phil Galfond
Brian Townsend – sbrugby – cardrunners
Durrrr – Tom Dwan
KObyTAPOUT – Jani Vilmunen
trex313 – Hac Dang
Urindanger – Di Dang
Genius28 – Chris Lee
Niki Jedlicka – Kaibuxxe

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Durrr, Schulman, Medic….um…Mike Vela?

November 14, 2007

At what usually becomes a wild ride at a WPT final table the dominating forces of the tournament were not able to overcome the one and only Mike Vela??  Superstars Tom Dwan, Nick Schulman, and Nenad Medic all fell to the poker gods.  After winning 1.7mil Mr. Vela says he’s staying at work, and the money does not change his life at all.  Yo Mike, kick us down a lil something then!  It’ll change our lives.  Watch the victory interview @ http://www.cardplayer.com/tv.

Durrr amongst the Chip Leaders @ Foxwoods…Freddy Deeb and Zeejustin are aswell.

November 9, 2007

He is known more for his cash game skills than his tournament prowess, but that doesn’t mean that online phenom Tom “durrrr” Dwan can’t build a chip stack. On day 1b of the World Poker Finals, Dwan jumped out to an early chip lead after doubling up with a straight flush and spent the rest of the day terrorizing his table and increasing his stack. Read the rest of this entry »