High Stakes Poker Results, Variance and Swings, Superuser?

August 15, 2008

To try something a little different, and hopefully provide value to all you aspiring high stakes gamblers I decided to take a look at the high stakes poker results of the biggest games around to see if there were any trends we could learn something from.

First I took the results published by highstakesdb.com – which provides the top 50 and bottom 50 winners and losers for each month. The results are from 1/1/07 thru 7/31/08, including Omaha and Holdem on Ladbrokes/Prima/Fulltilt networks. High stakes horse is also included in the 7/08 monthly results.

I compiled all these monthly reports into a single spreadsheet workbook in Excel, and then combined the months to provide a data set of 19 months of the high stakes poker world. My initial theory was that the biggest high stakes players have the biggest swings but I wanted to visually see the difference between, if they are constantly playing the biggest games, or game selecting and ‘taking shots’…

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High Stakes Poker Online Screen Names

August 15, 2008

Who’s who? Here’s some that we know:

Noataima – Guy Laliberte – owns Cirque du Soleil – possible alias: Lady Marmelade
Ziigmund -Ilhari Sahamies – old alias: sutrakama
Gus Hansen
Patrik Antonius – Alias Finddagrind and Luigi66369, crymeariver8, I_Knockout_U
Phil Ivey
David Benyamine – ballsrider, magicpitch1
OMGClayAiken – Phil Galfond
Brian Townsend – sbrugby – cardrunners
Durrrr – Tom Dwan
KObyTAPOUT – Jani Vilmunen
trex313 – Hac Dang
Urindanger – Di Dang
Genius28 – Chris Lee
Niki Jedlicka – Kaibuxxe

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Sbrugby on a $3 million downswing

July 26, 2007

This guy has taken the online poker world by storm for the past two years or so, and is certainly a feared opponent at the tables…however, Brian Townsend, aka Sbrugby, is currently in a bit of a slump.

After losing $1.8mil @ the Bellagio playing mostly 1k/2k Plo during the WSOP, he has since lost another $1.2m or so online at Fulltilt.  That’s gotta sting.

You can read more about it here.