PROP Bet: Free Drinks

August 29, 2008

It’s friday…go out and have a drink.  If you just went busto, try this prop bet on for size:

PROP Bet @ the Bike – Gavin Smith v Sabyl Cohen

August 26, 2008

G Smith just pulled a mississippi shuffle on Ms. Sabyl Cohen (of ESPN WSOP ME 200X whatever coverage fame).

The Wager – How much the 2008 attendance of WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike will decrease from 2007?

The Line – $1,000 on 25% decrease, and $1,000 on 20% decrease – two separate bets

Last Years Attendance – 485, making the 388 – G Smith would scoop both, 387-362 – they’d push, under 362 – G Smith would lose both.

This Years Attendance – 373 – woulda chopped the bet, but….on day 1, attendance was only 161 players, and day 2 energy got Sabyl a little nervous.  She offered to settle…picked a ludicrous number of $1700 buy out.  Gavin said he would have settled for $900.  So Gav got the $1700 winner on what should have been a chop.  Looks like things are turning around for the caveman.

Lesson of the day: Always go with your first instinct kiddies.

Thx pokerroad for the story.


Wanna Bet – When good ideas go bad

July 22, 2008

Two prop bet shows I like:
‘Prop bet’ w/ Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok – a little archived web series on They had a few funny, generally drunken, degenerate activities. It was raw, poor quality, but real and entertaining. Now the duo are on to other things, namely Pokerroad.

‘I Bet You’ w/ Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak on Mojo – a more professionally produced series, most of the time entertaining. Sometimes gets a little scripted and feels like even Antonio and Phil don’t care – but they are good characters to be sure.

Now a big network, searching for an idea – wants to tap into gambling… launches Wanna Bet? Which is a show that has been aired in several international countries (and logic would assume has had success in those markets) Starring some C-list celebrities, playing with ‘pretend money’ for charity. The charity bit is commendable, but the show sucks. They are betting on whether or not random joes can perform a certain act under a given set of conditions. The first act of the show premiere – hulahooping a 50lbs semi truck tire for 45 seconds. 3 of the 4 judges correctly ascertained this guy wouldn’t be able to do it. The funny part is the betting. The 1 guy that got it wrong bet like 1/2 his pretend stack. 2 of the others bet 10% of their stack (probably a reasonable sum for the strategy), and the final guy bet 0.5% of his stack…boring.

It seems to me that good ideas get lost in big companies most of the time. Perhaps it is because of the decision by committee stuff that is talked about throughout business books/magazines/blogs. No one wants to really stick their neck out, so they seek approval. That way the whole committee is accountable, keeping your middle management, producer, marketing, whatever job safe. It also leads to watered down, boring, bland ideas most of the time.

Maybe we are all just a bunch of:

PROP Bet Alert: Gavin Smith – 15 Marshmallows for $500

July 15, 2008

Can you fit 15 marshmallows in your mouth, without swallowing them, and being able to close your mouth completely in 2.5min?  Gavin Smith thinks he can, and put his money where his marshmallows are.

Watch the bet unravel here.

Live in a bathroom for 30 days = $100k

January 16, 2008

PROP bets can be incredibly fun, incredibly stupid, incredibly smart, incredibly profitable…I’m not sure I’d want to live in a bathroom for 30 days though. Read about this guy, ‘bellagio jay’, who’s spending a solid month in a fine private Bellagio bathroom for a shot at 6 figures.

High Stakes Golf

August 24, 2007

Check out the latest video on Card Player discussing the 3 team, 3 man, $1m per hole, scramble coming up on ESPN in October…fun stuff.

Sick PROP bet by Erick Lindgren

July 1, 2007

Check this bet out from Erick Lindgren: 100k w/Gavin Smith, 200k w/Ivey, 40k w/misc. degenerates….

Erick has to play 4 rounds of Golf in Las Vegas (where it was 109′ outside), walk all four rounds, and shoot under 100 for all four, to win the bet.  Read the rest of this entry »

Definition: PROP [n.]

January 6, 2007

prop 1 Pronunciation (prp)


1. An object placed beneath or against a structure to keep it from falling or shaking; a support.

2. One that serves as a means of support or assistance.

tr.v. propped, prop·ping, props

Definitions from which PROP Clothing is inspired:

3.  short for, proposition player. This is someone who is paid by the house to play poker. However, the player plays with his own money; the house merely pays him or her an hourly wage to play poker in order to keep the games going.

4. short for, a proposition bet, or a sidebet related to the game being played generally involving cards in play but is a constant separate running bet from the regular game…

For example, if you’re playing Texas Hold’em, you can play props like “Red or Black”, you and one opponent look at the flop and if it’s majority red, you would win a dollar (or whatever running bet) from your opponent.

There’s an infinite number of props you could play for any game…. Another example is picking a three-card-combo in hold’em and going against someone who picks their own combo… like 5-6-7 for you and 2-4-6 or whatever combo for them.

From Daniel Nereanu’s Poker blog– listen to this guy gamble and talk about PROP poker:

…At this point I was only playing props heads up, when I hit my dream flop: 5-5-5. That flop pays me out huge since… Read the rest of this entry »