Online Poker Cheating – UB and AP

July 17, 2008

Ok kiddies – we at PROP do not claim to be experts in this arena, but we do certainly want to make sure anyone that comes across this site is made aware of a few things:

Cliff note version:

Absolute Poker Scandal – super user accounts, capable of seeing hole cards, winning at ridiculous rates, caught from an email slip up from the AB sending some hand histories erroneously…AB did refund some money (approx 1.2M USD)

AB buys Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet Scandal – Russ Hamiliton (former owner, and main event winner) current ‘villian’ suspected of being tied to a bunch of super user accounts, just like AB.  Who knows.  Could have been him, could have been a team of others.  Who cares really.  I don’t need a witch hunt to decide where I play online.  The ‘new owners’ of UB have since tried to make good, and refund a bunch of money to players who played against these suspected names.  

Shady shadesville.  Don’t play these sites.  Cheating is possible online.  There is no question that collusion, multi-accounting, ghosting/account selling deep in mtt’s – all of it exists.  To what degree?  No one knows for sure.  Sites want to make the illusion of safety….whether it exists or not.  However, major sites – poker stars and full tilt – have in there best interest to keep the gravy train rolling – to proactively keep the sites as secure as possible.

High stakes cash games – if you are regularly trading 10k+ with people, do your homework.  Just kind of a common sense approach, that it is better to know, or know of, the people you’re playing against.  Minus the random fish here and there, generally you should have an idea of the people you are playing with.  Google is your friend here.

Nat Arem – he’s a primary source of information on this subject matter – due to him having conducted onsite company investigations (to the extent they let him)…

Pokerroad – Haralabous Vulgaris and Barry Greenstein have spoke candidly about this subject.  Check em out.

Regardless of what anyone says – the only way to punish these scandalous sites, is to make your voice count, by not playing them, not supporting them through affiliates and what not, and where possible educating your circle of influence on the subject.

All poker, online or live, it behooves us all to be careful, informed, and aware of our surroundings.  Angle shooters, cheating, chip dumping, scandals exist, don’t be naive.  Proceed with caution but certainly keep playing.  

Besides…most of us degenerates don’t care if you sit at a table with your buddy on the cell phone, exchanging hole card info.  You’re a monkey if you need to do that, and your buddy is too.  I’ll beat you both, and enjoy it : )  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Now, if its a table of you monkeys, and we’re playing PLO…well stop that cuz knowing half the deck ain’t cool.


Poker Bots – Friend or Foe?

May 21, 2008


Here’s an interesting ‘tell all’ story about poker bots in action.  Personally, I’m still on the fence, as I feel most poker bots play abc style ‘robotic’ poker that all low limit donks play – and while these bots may spew chips slightly less than a real human, they are not so advanced to be thinking along multiple lines – therefore, these bots would be no tougher to play against than your regular micro-stakes donk.  Maybe I’m just naive, or hopeful, or interestingly enough overconfident (like most poker players).

How to Cheat at Poker

May 20, 2008

School Cheat

I saw this posted on msn somewhere…so just in case you want to nick your friends out of a few bucks in the home game: 

SOME CARD CHEATS ARE ENTERPRISING: marked decks, complex devices up the sleeve, secret codes of earlobe tugging known only to a partner in crime. But if you’re like most people, you’re that glorious combination of slightly crooked and a little lazy. So here we present the four easiest ways to hoodwink your poker buddies. All of which, of course, we strongly condemn.

SHORTING THE POT. Both amateurish and absurdly effective. Call an eight-dollar bet with six bucks in chips. Throw them directly into the pot before anybody has a chance to count them.

FAKING A HAND. If you miss drawing to your flush but get a card of the same color, just fan out your matching cards and tuck the fifth card behind them so only the colored number can be seen. Just be ready to look shocked (shocked!) if somebody catches you.

THE PREMATURE CALL. Trust us–this works. When the other guy raises you on the final bet, pick up your chips but don’t throw them in the pot. Then announce your hand. Nine out of ten times, your opponent will think you called his raise. If you win, take the pot. If you lose, you saved a couple bucks for hooch.

DEALING FROM THE BOTTOM. Takes about as much dexterity as snapping your fingers. Hold the deck loosely and angled down, with your right thumb pointing toward you. When you deal the bottom card, simply flick your middle finger instead of your thumb. Of course, this won’t help unless you know what the bottom card is. Not a problem: Bend back the card and use the width of the deck as a cover). One other tip, just in case: Sit near the door and leave the car outside, engine running.