Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Today, 10/17 is Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAAP) Day.

Poverty is an issue that can impact people in a variety of ways from the global and country level all the way down to the individual.  Countries can be weighed down by debt not allowing them to invest in appropriate infrastructures likes schools, communications, and hospitals – leaving the people of that country without much hope or opportunity.

It has never made sense to me that the wealthiest nation in the world (read: U.S.A.) even has a poverty problem.  And we do.  According to the Census Bureau, approximately 30% of the country lives below the poverty line each year. That’s simply unacceptable.

Families are torn apart, people cannot access good health care, or even shelter and food and water.  It can become easy to go about your daily routine of ‘being busy’ and completely forgetting about the problems of people who have become marginalized in our society.  Why should we care about or acknowledge what’s going on in a homeless families life when we have Britney Spear’s life to mock and ridicule.

Enough ranting, you get the point.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone has value. Poker players are lucky to be able to play a game and make a little money.  If you have something you can spare, find a cause or organization you are passionate about and help out.  Cheers.


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