Poker Bowl Update

Just a quick update…Will got switched to team Oakland with Paul Wasicka…currently the first qualifying region round. Will and Paul are on the same table, which is pretty sick. brandon adams, jordan morgan, van alstyne, alex jacobs… Will is short stacked after a tough decision vs. James Van Alstyne. Paul entered the first break with the chip lead at the table.

Quick Update: Will busted on the featured table after being involved in the first five allin pots.  K/3s v A/k – rivered 3 to double up. AA vs 10/3, Van Alstyne rivered 10 for 2pr to cut him down.  Final hand Q/8 open push, gets called by A/k, turns st8, loses to rivered flush of Morgan.

Final update: Paul and Ron were the only two guys to advance to the final table, with Paul around 12k in chips and Ron around 45k.  After Paul busted, Ron was oaklands last shot, and opened a pot with 44, called Jordan Morgans all-in raise (who also had 44).  The board goes runner runner, four card flush, giving Morgan the pot.  GG.

Read more about the event @


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