Blow up a Game

October 24, 2007

Sometimes it can be fun to completely blow up a poker game.  Team player Will Lin is an expert at this strategy, and it was fun to watch him play in Vegas this week.

Now, to set the stage: Will is a big game cash player with a few nice tournament results as well, so he has a bankroll to support this high variance strategy…but sometimes he wants to blow off a little steam by doing something similiar to the following:

Imagine you normally play 25/50NL (or higher), where a standard open raise is $200.  If you drop down to the 1/2 NL game, where the normal buyin is $200-300, and the standard open is $10 you can create some interesting dynamics and truly be the ‘table captain’ by continuing to play above the game.  What does that mean exactly? 
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