Pain = Da Bills

October 8, 2007

wide right

So not only does a franchise manage to lose four straight super bowls in the early 90’s, lose to the Titans in a last second play to kill playoff dreams, and figure a way to lose every other close game in the last seconds – but tonight they found a way to lose after Tony Romo had a 6 turnover day, and was virtually useless.

Bills up by 8, 1:30 to go.  Bills driving and in control, in the red zone. Oops! Interception by the rookie T.Edwards (who looked great all game by the way)…taken 70 yards for almost a touchdown.  Ok….20 secs to go, still up by 8.  Oops, a Dallas touchdown pass…up 2.  Go for two…lob it to T.Owens – no good.  Ok!  Cowboys have to recover the onside kick.  They do.  Now they have to drive 17 yards to get into field goal territory, in 17 secs.  They do.  Now they’re rookie kicker needs to hit a 53 yard game winner on the road….he does!  Wait…the bills called a timeout…he has to try again.  Oh wait, no he makes that one too.

GG Buffalo.  It’s painful, but we’re still fans.


Worst Movie Ever – Un – Lucky You

October 8, 2007

Ok, so I’m not sure how I got suckered into watching this movie last night but….DON’T!

The poker playing is laughable, the scenes are predictable, the poker player cameo’s are non-eventful.  And to make things worse, Drew Barrymore is one of the stars.

I think the movie had good intentions, but it is no Rounders.  Not by a long shot.  So save yourself the $3.95 on pay-per-view, and rent some other dumb romantic comedy your girlfriend wants to watch.

Cheers and GL,


Marc Ecko is Crazy (and Cool)

September 17, 2007

Marc Ecko makes clothes.  He has also made a name for himself with spectacular clutter breaking stunts.  His latest involves the ‘democratization of the barry bonds debate’.

He paid 750k+ for the Hank Aaron Record Breaking Homerun ball, and is now giving you, the people, the voice to decide what to do with it.  Either:

A: Give to Cooperstown and put in the Hall of Fame,

B: Brandish it with an asterisk and then do A.  or

C: Launch it into outer space. 

Personally, PROP votes for C.

Vote Here:

Read the complete story @ here.

iPhone price drops $200 – so what.

September 6, 2007

This stuff happens all the time, in a variety of industries.  Take the automobile for example – every month, manufacturers come out with a slew of incentives from consumer to dealer/sales people to motivate the market to buy now.  The next month, invariably, the incentives get better, on a product that is now one month closer to extinction. 

So all you iPhone early adopters out there that are pissed – well, sorry.  Next time, don’t be so damn cool right off the bat. Note: As an aside, I think the iPhone is a cool toy, with neat features that I don’t need just yet as I find my T-mobile Dash to be durable, efficient, and easy to use.

This guy has a good perspective: Click Here

Bush examines his ars, while Cheney sees what else he can steal…

July 20, 2007

Saturday should be an interesting day in U.S. Politics….

Funny Horse Race

June 7, 2007

Hollywood Park Bikini Race

Yahoo! – hosting an online poker room?

June 6, 2007

I am not CNN and do not claim to have researched the authenticity of the sources, like our congress should have done regarding the war in Iraq and WMD…nonetheless I digress, check out the story on YAHOO!:

Breakdancing is awesome.

June 5, 2007

Crazy Breakdancing Clip

Dance Dance

Check out the flip at the end.