PROP Bet @ the Bike – Gavin Smith v Sabyl Cohen

G Smith just pulled a mississippi shuffle on Ms. Sabyl Cohen (of ESPN WSOP ME 200X whatever coverage fame).

The Wager – How much the 2008 attendance of WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike will decrease from 2007?

The Line – $1,000 on 25% decrease, and $1,000 on 20% decrease – two separate bets

Last Years Attendance – 485, making the 388 – G Smith would scoop both, 387-362 – they’d push, under 362 – G Smith would lose both.

This Years Attendance – 373 – woulda chopped the bet, but….on day 1, attendance was only 161 players, and day 2 energy got Sabyl a little nervous.  She offered to settle…picked a ludicrous number of $1700 buy out.  Gavin said he would have settled for $900.  So Gav got the $1700 winner on what should have been a chop.  Looks like things are turning around for the caveman.

Lesson of the day: Always go with your first instinct kiddies.

Thx pokerroad for the story.


2 Responses to PROP Bet @ the Bike – Gavin Smith v Sabyl Cohen

  1. sabyl says:

    So true – I overthought it that morning going in and seeing how many tables were set up. They actually sat players at table 5 outside the main room and left 2 tables inside empty. I also expected more latecomers buying in before the break – but unlike other tournaments I’ve played that did not happen here.

    Another lesson: Never make any deals or decisions before your morning caffeine intake. I actually meant to settle for $700 but somehow in my morning fog did $1700. So yes – if you want to pull one over on me catch me without any caffeine in my system.

  2. propclothing says:

    It happens.

    I was getting gelato the other day and the total was $5.40, I gave the girl a $20, looked for change, didn’t have any, so gave her another $1. She looked at me confused, so I threw another $1 at her, and got $15.60 back.

    -$1. At least I still got the gelato.

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