Layne Flack busts 8th in Legends

Pretty gross hand – read the recap from cardplayer:

In perhaps the biggest suckout of the tournament, John Phan just eliminated Layne Flack in eighth place.

John Phan raised to 110,000 and Layne Flack reraised to 360,000, leaving just 300,000 behind. After the dealer pulled in the bets, Phan counted out 550,000 from his stack, seeing how much he’d be left with if he put Flack all in and lost.

After a few minutes of thought, Phan asked for the dealer’s “all in” button, as he has done all tournament long. Realizing that this could be an angle to see his opponent’s reaction, the tournament director informed Phan that the next time he asks for the button, he will be all in.

Phan, thinking he had accidently committed himself, said, “Oh, Layne, they had me scared. I thought I went all in.” Flack, realizing the situation, replied, “I know what you were doing. You were trying to scare me, so we’re even.” After another minute of deliberation, Phan tossed in the button and both players turned over their cards.

Flack: AA
Phan: 77

The flop came out 764 and the crowd gasped as Phan flopped a set. The turn took all hope away from Flack when the 7 peeled off the deck, giving Phan quads. The inconsequential river card was the Q and Flack was eliminated in eighth place, earning $105,620.


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