It helps to run gooot – Joe Sebok busts on TV Bubble

Tom Schneider seems to be at the top of every leaderboard we look at these days…it doesn’t hurt that he is running good at the moment.  Check out this pic from cardplayer highlighting the final hand of Day 4 @ the Legends of Poker in Los Angeles at the Bicycle Casino. 

Joe Seboks Final hand @ the Bike

The hand played out like this:

Sebok raised to 120,000 from middle position and was reraised by Schneider out of the small blind. Sebok moved all in, and Schneider called. Sebok tabled pocket queens, and Schneider showed AJ. Sebok retained the lead on the flop when it came 652. However the turn brought a crushing A, and Sebok was drawing to two outs. The river was a brick when it came 10, and Sebok was sent to the rail in seventh place.


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