PROP @ Main Event, 2007 WSOP!

This just in, PROP Player, Brian Lasher, just won a 40 person tournament in Niagara Falls, NY to earn a prize package worth over $15k.  The package includes airfare, hotel accomodations for the entire ME, $1,000 spending cash, and the ME entry!

 Congratulations to Brian, another PROP player @ the ME!


2 Responses to PROP @ Main Event, 2007 WSOP!

  1. Mike GGG says:

    Mr. Lasher is a great great player and a very amazing man as well. No one can match him in wit, looks and charm. He also is a very admirable coach in western New York, some say best in the business.

  2. Mike GGG says:

    Lasher is God

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