WSOP Craziness

The PROP team has been in Vegas for the past few weeks hanging around the Rio, playing crazy pinapple @ 630am, busting out first hands of satellites, and giving away free stuff.

We intended to get some wonderful photography of all the degenerate behavior, however with one camera lost, and another one broken…well all we have is some shaky cell phone pics.

Funny story about the 50k HORSE event, which started on sunday….Mark Vos – who played in it – was up @ 600am the night b4 playing PLO…looked quite cracked out, but I guess who doesn’t at that time of night/day.  It probably wasn’t the best idea however since he appeared dead at the HORSE table a few hours later, and was one of the 20 or so people to bust on day one. 

If you have a chance to get there this week, this is most certainly the premier event of the series, and the one to watch.  2.6m or so for first place and all the big names in attendance.

In other news, our custom dealer buttons are a hot item @ the RIO.  What poker player doesn’t like free stuff?  But you know they’re good when two things happen – the dealers are asking you for them, and Phil Ivey says thanks when you give him one.  Check out the online store July 1st to pick yourself up one, and spice up your home game.

We are back in LA for a the next week or so recovering, before the main event starts on July 5th. We’ll be there the rest of the way so stop by and say hello if you see us!

Shout outs to: Jordan from Vancouver, Ilza and Dag (could be youngest player to win a bracelet if he wins this event or next…turned 21 on Sunday) from Norway, Nam Le, Marcel Luske, David Williams and his mom, Ivey, Antonius, Men the Master, Dmizzal.


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