PROPs 94, 95, 96, 97

Well, unfortunately the state of CA and it’s people decided to ratify these PROPs.  For those of you outside of CA, they are Indian Gaming Pacts that allow for an expansion of the current slot machines, adding 18,000 more units to the existing properties.

It was sold under the guise the ‘California needs these revenues to fund education, firefighters, public systems, etc… because California’s budget is unbalanced.’  It’s unfortunate that really what we’ve chosen to do is tax the generally poorer, less educated americans, by a ‘sucker’ bet.  The tribes spent $100million on advertising these PROPS and it shows what money can buy in this era of tv-controlled democracy.

It may seem odd that a company (such as ours) based on a gambling lifestyle would be against this position.  Well, we may like to gamble, but we recognize some people have a difficult time balancing this stuff with the rest of their lives, and we should exploit that to balance the budget.  There has to be another answer, perhaps raise property taxes, sales taxes, cut military spending, etc….

You can read more about it: here


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