Get Healthy, Play Better

This might sound a little cliche but focusing on your overall health can really improve your poker play.  Poker is a mental game, requiring emotional stability, patience, and confidence.

Getting into a physical fitness routine is a great way to burn off some stress of the game (or life in general).  This will allow you to return to the felt in a focused manner.  If you are into going to the gym, run on the treadmill or ride a bike for 20min to get the heart rate up, lift some weights to work on getting diesel….if you don’t like the gym just try doing simple things – go for a long walk or jog, walk to the grocery store/bank/whatever errand you need to do.

Another way to focus on your fitness and overall health is dietary/food related.  Eating pizza, chinese food, and microwaveable anything is not a sustainable play.  Since poker is such a sedantary lifestyle you’ll certainly watch your gut grow.

It’s easy to get lazy about your physical condition, but it is also easy to improve your game by focusing on it.  GL.  On that note, check out the home made pizza from last night, it was bomb (use bleu cheese instead of pizza sauce and you’ll love yourself):




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