Another Poker Movie…The Grand

The Grand The Movie

At first glance, this movie looks like it has a shot of being the first poker movie since Rounders to deserve the attention of poker players and regular movie goers alike.

The Grand – features a solid cast: Woody Harrelson, David Cross, and Cheryl Hines to name a few with a few cameos by Ray Romano, Shannon Elizabeth, and Doyle himself among others…

The humorous approach to poker seems more viable than the ‘serious and/or romantic, completely predictable, cheesy approach (Bond and Lucky You come to mind)…

Make sure you check out the regular trailer on the homepage, and then the R-rated version for comparison (obviously the R-rated is better).

Also worth visiting, – maybe you’ll learn something, or at least beat larry in a game of cards. 

Who knows…it could be another bust, but at least its an attempt to make a complete mockery of a game that finds itself taking itself way to seriously at times.  But don’t call us if the movie sucks and you wasted $10bux on it…


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