Gus Hansen’s Full Tilt Account

Apparently Gus Hansen is blogging for cardplayer now, as he accounts the past few weeks on Full Tilt:

Last 2 weeks on Full Tilt Poker looks like this:
Day 1 through day 3: 1 Million
Day 4 through day 6: – 650K
Day 7 through day 14: 1.1 Million

End result: 1.45 million. Pretty good, for a B-student from Noerrebro. For everybody out there with no knowledge about Danish geography, Noerrebro is part of inner city Copenhagen. For everyone out there who has never heard of Copenhagen – pick up a fu**ing map!

Flying high, roaring above the clouds with a saturated Full Tilt account and a newfound love of online poker I was bound for a crash-landing.

Preparing myself for a London trip and a couple of meetings with WSOB (World Series of Back-Gammon), a back-gammon show airing on Eurosport in 2008 with yours truly as a designated driver and commentator, and Gameloft (mobile phone game developer) who are launching my new game “Million Dollar Poker”, I still had a couple of hours here and there for a little Full Tilt action. As the title indicates I didn’t win.

Approximately -400K over the last couple of days, but contrary to my -650K stretch I’m not at all disgusted with my performance.
A lot of big pots (80k ) versus Patrik Antonius laid the groundwork for my deficit, but analysing the hands afterwards the outcome could easily have been a lot sweeter. I had over 40% winning chance in all the pots with the majority being right around 50/50. A couple of them even had me as an overwhelming favourite with respectively 80% and 90% winning chance.

Adding it all up, the end-result of 3 wins and 6 losses didn’t quite justify the efforts, but as long as most of the money went in the middle with me holding the long end of the stick, I’ll be OK.
Apart from a couple of mistakes against ‘Durrrr’ aka. very talented, crazy young kid from Texas, Tom Dwan, I was feeling good about my game.
If I can keep up that kind of intensity level, 2008 should be a very prosperous Full Tilt Year!


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