Definition: PROP [n.]

prop 1 Pronunciation (prp)


1. An object placed beneath or against a structure to keep it from falling or shaking; a support.

2. One that serves as a means of support or assistance.

tr.v. propped, prop·ping, props

Definitions from which PROP Clothing is inspired:

3.  short for, proposition player. This is someone who is paid by the house to play poker. However, the player plays with his own money; the house merely pays him or her an hourly wage to play poker in order to keep the games going.

4. short for, a proposition bet, or a sidebet related to the game being played generally involving cards in play but is a constant separate running bet from the regular game…

For example, if you’re playing Texas Hold’em, you can play props like “Red or Black”, you and one opponent look at the flop and if it’s majority red, you would win a dollar (or whatever running bet) from your opponent.

There’s an infinite number of props you could play for any game…. Another example is picking a three-card-combo in hold’em and going against someone who picks their own combo… like 5-6-7 for you and 2-4-6 or whatever combo for them.

From Daniel Nereanu’s Poker blog– listen to this guy gamble and talk about PROP poker:

…At this point I was only playing props heads up, when I hit my dream flop: 5-5-5. That flop pays me out huge since…I have a 5 in 5 out of my 7 props:4-5-6 (big boy)
When you flop trips, that pays double also, so this prop was worth:4 x $7000= $28,000
1 x $10,000= $10,000
x 2 for trips= $76,000
Now, if I was on for triples and hit this prop playing four handed, it would pay me a cool $684,000!Unfortunately in this case, I was only on for singles and my opponent was on for doubles and had a 5 in one of his props. He owed me $76,000 but I had to pay him back $28,000. Still, a $48,000 profit.Then, to my surprise I hit my second biggest prop when I was on for doubles. The flop came 7-7-7 and I have three 7’s in my props, so that one paid:3 x $7000= $21,000
x 2 for trips= $42,000
x 2 for doubles= $84,000

He was on for singles and has a 7 in his big boy and another 7, so this prop netted me $50,000.


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