Matt wins $340 buy-in @ Venetian on his way out of town…


90 players, $8500 for first.

A few key hands came up: Early on, someone opened pot UTG for a raise, one caller, Matt on button with AA – rebumps.  SB thinks it’s a steal and goes all-in with AQo…Matt doubles up.  Down to 16 players, Matt plays KJs (clubs) UTG, flop K/7/3 with two diamonds, BB bets, Matt calls.  Turn is 3, BB bets, Matt raises 3x, BB goes all in, Matt instacalls…BB shows K/6, big double up…sends him to final table.  Down to four handed, UTG moves all in, Matt in BB with 66 tanks b4 calling off half his stack…it holds up and moves him into the chip lead, carrying him on to the win. Definitely a fun way to end the trip…

 The other PROP guys were busy at the 5/10 and 50/100 NL tables in the back of the salon, and Phil Ivey was playing some rich guy heads up for $500k, all making Matt’s win look like chump change…but hey – a win’s a win.


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