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August 22, 2008

Screw the Iphone – get the Eclipse Intuit

August 22, 2008

This new phone, designed by Eddie Goh, is sleek and eco. The phone has a 5mb camera, and is powered by the sun.  It looks like a slimmed down version of some of the tmobile slider phones, a perfect set up for game play, internet browsing, and assuming the face is touch screen – pimp iphone like phoning.

eclipse eclipse eclipse

Real Man Olympics

August 21, 2008

Some clever folks have decided to put in a ‘weighting’ system for all those medals being won over in Beijing. You can modify the weighting system to your liking – so if you are a die hard badminton lover you can factor that into the calculations.

Anyway you slice it – China is probably coming out on top.

Check it out here.

Here is another olympic site that is fun – man or woman?? – you decide:

Test your gender identifying skills

I got 600 points.

50k Horse – DeMichele and Nguyen lose it.

August 20, 2008

First hour: DeMichele takes a bow for every pot he wins. He was running hot, and obviously excited to be there. His actions clearly get under the skin of several of the ‘big names’ including Barry Greenstein, Erick Lindgren, Scotty Nguyen, and Lyle Berman. On one hand, DeMichele miss calls his made hand on 7th in Stud, having made a flush, calls two pair vs. an all in Huck Seed who had one pair. Honest mistake I’m sure, but his overall table presence was certainly aggravating to say the least. Surprise surprise, he’s wearing an Ultimate Bet patch. Notice any trends with that company? Kids, when you make your next final table, please just say no to UB.

Second hour: Down to three – Scotty, DeMichele, and Lindren. Scotty is on complete monkey life tilt. He beraides DeMichele for excessive celebration, and proceeds to do a little excessive celebration/high fives himself. Granted, Scotty appears to have had one too many drinks during this final table. And he also chose to ‘dump chips’ to Erick during an O8 hand in which he had the best low draw and an overpair of AA on a 73JJ board, he folded on the turn, Lindgren had the second best low draw and an overpair of QQ. This was obviously because Nguyen didn’t want DeMichele to get to heads up. He was clearly on life tilt. But such a blatant chip dump was pretty sketchy.

Lindgren handled himself with class throughout the final table, although even he got a little heated at the end, apparently fed up with Scotty’s antics. Can’t say I blame him, but there also appeared to be a back log of history between them when Erick said “I’ve never been on team Scotty…and never will.” DeMichele and Nguyen definitely got into heated ego-driven debates. This happens a lot at the poker table, someone loses a big hand, or personalities conflict after several hours of play, but unfortunately this is the biggest tourney of the WSOP.

Overall, I wish the 50k was a ‘better’ final table in terms of skill being showcased rather than brash conflicts, and a lot of what’s wrong with poker. It is fun to watch these guys go on tilt on tv but for the grander scheme of the poker world, I think having say a Barry Greenstein and Erick Lindgren get heads up and play for the title would have been much better. Scotty lost it a little bit and it turned into a shit show. I still love Scotty, and I was rooting for him while I was there this summer, but at the end of the day perhaps he tarnished his prince status just a touch for letting the 23 year old get under his skin. I’m pretty sure Chip Reese would have handled some of these situations quite a bit differently. Let’s just try and keep that in mind next time the monkey tilt comes out.

Michael Phelps playing in the WSOP

August 19, 2008

One of my biggest qualms with poker, and the poker media, is lack of quality content. I should probably comment on the FTOPS winners, $500k here, back to back wins $170k there….blah blah blah. Some cats I don’t know won a few tournies I wish I did. (obv jealous and bitter).

However, the biggest story over the past two days for the main poker media outlets is Mr. 8 Gold Medals stated in a press conference interview that he thinks it’d be cool to play the WSOP. Sweet.

Hopefully he brings his $40M of endorsement dollars into the poker economy. We need it.

Justin Shronk – Funny Mother F’er.

August 17, 2008

Here is a recent article from his Pokerazzi column on Pokerroad, to get full appreciation of this: go watch the most recent 2008 WSOP coverage ($1k rebuy that Banducci wins)…then read this:

…..So here we go, ESPN’s coverage of Event #5, the $1,000 with Rebuys.

NOTE: I’m going to try signing on AIM under the name ‘ShronkDaddy’ during the WSOP coverage in case anyone reading this wants to chat while watching. The real reason is that hopefully someone says something funny to me via AIM, and I can steal it for the blog.
5:00pm – I keep getting over-excited for the WSOP coverage. I remember ESPN filming a lot fewer events than it appears they actually did, so I keep thinking the $50k HORSE is going to be on.

5:01 – Note to ESPN: Do not start your coverage with the line, “You might not know any of their names… .” If you got unlucky and no “big name” pros are at the final table, you should do your best NOT to draw attention to that.

5:02 – I was thinking “Lyric” was a pretty cool screenname. Then I find out that it’s the kid’s real first name and it’s less cool…especially since the kid’s last name is Duveycover or something (actually turns out it’s Duveyoung).

5:03 – The guy’s reshove with A-Q is really weird. Him yelling “ACEY IN YOUR FACEY!” was creepy.

5:11 – The fact that it’s “your signature” doesn’t excuse you from wearing a women’s hat on national television. It does, however, make you a moron (Alan Jaffray).

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High Stakes Poker Results, Variance and Swings, Superuser?

August 15, 2008

To try something a little different, and hopefully provide value to all you aspiring high stakes gamblers I decided to take a look at the high stakes poker results of the biggest games around to see if there were any trends we could learn something from.

First I took the results published by highstakesdb.com – which provides the top 50 and bottom 50 winners and losers for each month. The results are from 1/1/07 thru 7/31/08, including Omaha and Holdem on Ladbrokes/Prima/Fulltilt networks. High stakes horse is also included in the 7/08 monthly results.

I compiled all these monthly reports into a single spreadsheet workbook in Excel, and then combined the months to provide a data set of 19 months of the high stakes poker world. My initial theory was that the biggest high stakes players have the biggest swings but I wanted to visually see the difference between, if they are constantly playing the biggest games, or game selecting and ‘taking shots’…

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High Stakes Poker Online Screen Names

August 15, 2008

Who’s who? Here’s some that we know:

Noataima – Guy Laliberte – owns Cirque du Soleil – possible alias: Lady Marmelade
Ziigmund -Ilhari Sahamies – old alias: sutrakama
Gus Hansen
Patrik Antonius – Alias Finddagrind and Luigi66369, crymeariver8, I_Knockout_U
Phil Ivey
David Benyamine – ballsrider, magicpitch1
OMGClayAiken – Phil Galfond
Brian Townsend – sbrugby – cardrunners
Durrrr – Tom Dwan
KObyTAPOUT – Jani Vilmunen
trex313 – Hac Dang
Urindanger – Di Dang
Genius28 – Chris Lee
Niki Jedlicka – Kaibuxxe

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Travis Pastrana Skydiving without a Parachute

August 13, 2008

After my first tandem skydive a few weeks ago, I’ve become a little obsessed…apparently some sicko’s like to jump out of planes without a chute. One of those crazies is Xgames superstar Travis Pastrana.

Written on the City

August 13, 2008

One of the cool things about living in San Francisco is the street art.  The city is actually pretty good at cleaning up random sticker bombings and what not (believe me I know…) but its always cool to come across some great graffiti or a cool slogan.  

A little brand founded in LA by Shepard Fairey called OBEY got it’s start this way.  The message is the medium.  And Shepard claims to have placed over 1 million Obey stickers around the world himself.  That’s really insane, but I believe it.  Next time your walking around your local downtown take a look, you’ll most likely see one, or at the very least some other cool start up brands (like PROP!). If you want some PROP stickers to tag your town, hit up info@propclothing.com with your name and address and we’ll hook it up.

Some SF artists just put together a cool book called ‘Written on the City.’ and it’s based around this very premise and using the medium to present artistic messages.  

Zeejustin Cheating

August 13, 2008

Here’s the deal folks – I’ve had a few people of late email and ask me what happened with Justin Bonomo and why he was called out for cheating on ESPNs broadcast of his $5k Mixed Event Final Table.

Basically, when the kid was under 21 he was crushing the party poker games, and building a little name for himself. Then a mild scandal occured where he was caught multi-accounting a big multi table tournament (MTT) on party which he ended up winning. His six figure winnings were confiscated by the site, and returned to the prize pool for distribution amongst the others who cashed. I believe his stars account was also shut down for multi-accounting.

Now, he took a lot of heat from the online community especially in the forums. He issued a public apology on his website, addressed issued on the forums, and overall accepted responsibility for his actions.

To me, this level of ‘cheating’ was infinitely milder than some of the recent scandals with UB and Absolute – in which MILLIONS of dollars were stolen out of the poker community. His multi-accounting thing was ethically wrong, but maybe doubled his edge in the thousand player fields to 5-7%…I’m not that good with ICM but someone could tell you its not a huge monetary scam in the poker community. It was just more convenient to witch hunt someone like Bonomo because you could easily place a face with the blame. Especially because he was young and successful.

With the new stuff, it’s harder to pinpoint the exact culprits as multiple people may have been involved, different parent corporations, etc.

It was a low blow from Norman Chad, an off hand remark, taken out of context, and presented to uninformed viewers on national tv. Enough with zeejustin – what about Ultimate Bet???

The Scoop – Cardplayer TV

August 13, 2008

Will someone please explain to ‘Diego’ how to conduct a proper interview. Good God. His questions are awful. Run-on sentences. Using opinion and statements as the question. Talking more than the person he is interviewing…SHUT UP and let the guest talk. He really is painful to listen to. Watch the most recent interview with Justin ‘zeejustin’ Bonomo. It’s ridiculous. Bonomo is smart, and has good things to say…this Diego character is a joke.

I think he just gets nervous or something, but just starts rambling. Do yourself a favor, skip this show, and listen to pokerroad.

Diego reminds me of:

Excalibur Las Vegas – All Digital All the Time

August 12, 2008

Vegas Strip casino Excalibur, famously known for its medieval theme, cheap rooms, and bad food, is making way for new and innovative electronic tables from PokerPro. As of 2 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 18, the poker room doors will close to reopen on Aug. 21 or Aug. 22 with a whole new look.

Twelve PokerPro electronic tables are to be installed, completely replacing all dealer-required tables. While game selection is still being worked out, Neil Bard, floor manager for the Excalibur and soon to be poker host of the new room, says that both tournaments and cash games will be offered. “I’m excited to see the turnout,” says Bard. “We are going to have several famous poker pros come to help launch the tables.”

PokerPro tables are made by PokerTek, the leading manufacturer of electronic tables. According to PokerTek’s website, the PokerPro System can increase the number of hands dealt in Texas hold’em by 50 percent and 100 percent in Omaha by eliminating the use of cards and chips.  

While playing in LA, I’ve come across these tables at two venues, Hustler and The Bike.  In my experiences, just playing SNGs, it did not speed up the game, mainly due to peoples relatively hopeless technological savvy.  I’m sure this will decrease as people become more familiar with the format.  The pros: no dealer errors, hypothetically less cheating, no money exchange mistakes.  The cons: no chips to neurotically play with, no chips to ship, no cards to twirl expertly into the muck, and no mountain of chips to stack after raking a huge pot.

Eh.  I’m indifferent to this ‘digital launch’.  When I go to Vegas…I want the real deal, life poker experience.  For now, I’ll keep the digital to my laptop.

WPT Foxwoods – lol10kaments

August 12, 2008

So I just watched the 2008 WPT Foxwoods poker tournament….I lol Andrew Barta’s 3bet allin shove, 3 handed, and $300k difference between 2nd and 3rd place.  He had about 350bb and AQo vs. equal chip stacked Eric Seidel on button, who had JJ and opened for about 2.5x (who had just raised 3 hands in a row).  The guy in 3rd place had half as many chips.  So Barta just decided to go off and got impatient. Nice call from Seidel, but jeezus.  AQo AIPF for 350bb at final table?  


President Bush and Kerry Walsh Enjoying a Moment

August 11, 2008

Adda boy Georgie