Written on the City

One of the cool things about living in San Francisco is the street art.  The city is actually pretty good at cleaning up random sticker bombings and what not (believe me I know…) but its always cool to come across some great graffiti or a cool slogan.  

A little brand founded in LA by Shepard Fairey called OBEY got it’s start this way.  The message is the medium.  And Shepard claims to have placed over 1 million Obey stickers around the world himself.  That’s really insane, but I believe it.  Next time your walking around your local downtown take a look, you’ll most likely see one, or at the very least some other cool start up brands (like PROP!). If you want some PROP stickers to tag your town, hit up info@propclothing.com with your name and address and we’ll hook it up.

Some SF artists just put together a cool book called ‘Written on the City.’ and it’s based around this very premise and using the medium to present artistic messages.  


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