Make it a good game and make more money

I was listening to an interview with Gabe Thaler on Pokerroad’s Cash Plays, he is a long time live pro, running big games in Vegas forever…he was commenting on one of the best poker lessons he ever received. He was playing a limit game, and got sucked out on by a recreational player. At the end of the hand, he started grumbling and getting upset at the recreational player. The wise rec player said “Gabe…you got it all wrong…you are supposed to buy me dinner.”

The point he is making, is that he understands he is the underdog in the long run, but that it is the professionals duty to create an atmosphere in which recreational gamblers can gamble their money any way they want.

I think this is a GREAT lesson. People at every level, are often beraiding other ‘donks’. In most cases it’s in an effort to prove their worth, fulfill their ego, make sure everyone knows how great they are at poker…this is stupid. Say good hand, give the monkey a compliment (and make it believable). Your goal should be to create an environment where they can continue to gamble. If you know they have leaks you can exploit, try and keep them there.

So if you are getting the urge to talk some trash…think twice. Remember, you want the monkey to come back tomorrow. Make the game fun. Don’t be a douche bag.

Thanks for the lesson Gabe.


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