Bay 2 Breakers Debauchery

Bay 2 Breakers, Hayes Valley

Officially, Bay 2 Breakers is a 7.5mi road race that takes place through the streets of San Francisco, CA.  It goes from one end of town (aka the bay) to the other (the ocean).  An American hasn’t won the race since like 1998 or something.  It’s all Kenya, all the time.  Although this year a Moroccan man did put up a good fight at the finish.  But these crazy runners do this course in like 38min.  We on the other hand do it in about 5 hours.

Unofficially, this is the biggest street party of the year.  At the back of the line, all us rather unfit individuals gather.  Most in ceremonial garb.  The standard outfit this year seemed to be tight American Apparel Shorts and an Afro wig.  There are people pushing floats, which generally contain a keg or three.  There is nudity.  Male and Female.  There are the ‘salmon’ or those than run upstream.  And it’s an overall good time. 

The video:


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