This is why, Yes we can.

Obama recently discussed what ‘success in Iraq’ means with General Petraeus.

The transcript can be found, among other places, here

This dialogue illustrates how Obama can bring opposing sides together.  Rather than placing blame, he asks pointed questions, using solid logic, to get to the root of the problems.  In this case, the root of the problem for the ‘war in Iraq’ is the definition of success.  You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the solution will be.  You cannot know what the solution will be without knowing the definitions of the goals to get to that solution.  As illustrated in the dialogue, the current goals for the war may be set so high (unrealistic) that withdrawing our troops and cutting our war budgets seems impossible.  Re-defining, or reframing the perspective within a reasonable compromising goal can get both sides to start agreeing, and with agreements come progress.  Yes we can.  McCain, is not going to be asking these questions, he will accept the definitions of success, and rationalize why we need to stay in Iraq for 100 years…


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