Recent News and Degeneracy

WPT Championship:  The $25k Main Event is going on right now at the Bellagio.  This is a super deep stack event, in which each player starts with 50k in chips with 50/100 blinds.  There have been a lot of notable front runners throughout the event including Gus Hansen, Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Negreanu.  Through the end of day 3, Robert Mizrachi is currently the Chip Leader with about 140k chip lead over second place.  There are 188 out of 545 players left, and first place is $3.4M.  Weeeeee.

Prop Bets: Durrr lost an ‘on-time’ bet in meeting up with some friends…and now as payment, has to wear some gay hats around for the rest of the tourney.

Durrr in hats....

Bodog Founder, Calvin Ayres, Retires:  Here is an example of a smart gambler; getting out while he still can.  He’s got more money than he knows what to do with, living the good life in Antigua.  He’s traveled the world.  He’s partied everywhere.  Now it’s time for a little R+R and philanthropy.  Good for him.  GG.


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