Poker Road – Thumbs Up!

We know you are all thirsty for some ‘pokertainment’ and it just so happens that Mr. Joe Sebok and company, aka Greenbok Productions (Also known as Barry ‘the Bear’ Greenstein and his son Sebok), are producing some highly entertaining content available on the web.  The site is called

Be sure to check out the radio show called Big Poker Sundays featuring the smart and unfiltered Harallabob and the quick wit of Scott Huff.  They talk about everything except poker strategy i.e. gossip, sports betting, random scuttle.

There are some interesting video interviews on ‘Inside the Poker Mind’ with Sebok’s girl, Amanda Leatherman (pretty cute, look out sebok we got some lookers on the PROP team and ain’t scurred) with Negreanu and JC Tran.

Nice work guys.  Making the poker world a more interesting place, one stupid joke at a time.


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