Life and Jelly

July 25, 2008

Poker is cool.  Being able to play poker to pay bills is also cool.  Unfortunately, there are some consequences to this profession.  I’ve mentioned before about the ‘opportunity cost’ of playing poker.  Most poker players think along the lines of the time spent NOT playing poker, is “X”bb/100 or $X/hr down the drain.  This is a perfectly accurate and logical thought, but it can dangerous for the bigger things in life.

If you can make 500k playing poker this year, well a: your probably not reading this and b: I’m not really talking to you.  But if you are grinding the micro stakes, looking to build your roll, and come up through the ranks…listen up.

Playing poker for a living can often be like chasing a ghost.  You have wins here and there, you study, you practice, you talk about hands with friends, you watch videos on Cardrunners.  At the end of a successful year, lets say you are up $15k.   Read the rest of this entry »